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My Ideal Design for Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire

By RubyofBlue
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So I've been pretty outspoken how disappointed I am with how the RE2 remake redesign of Claire Redfield, being that it's way too different or unfaithful from the original. So I decided to make a character sheet as to what I would've wanted to see for her character design. I took my favorite aspects of every one of her RE2 designs, from the original, Darkside Chronicles, and even from her remake design, and mashed them into my ideal design.

Starting with her head, I referred mostly to her look in Degeneration and Darkside Chronicles, particularly her expressive, bright eyes, and curvy and 'kissy' lips, while making sure she looked her RE2 age of 19 years old. Her hair is taken from Darkside Chronicles, with that redish tint, and more flowing, full look. I added a single strand in the middle of her forehead from her OG RE2 hair. Her remake hair is too generic brunette, and her bangs are way too scraggly and disconnected from the rest of her hair.

The jacket and harness are almost completely Darkside Chronicles influenced. But I did change the jacket to have a zipper like her OG jacket, instead of buttons. The shade of red is a middle ground between the pink of OG, and the red of DC. Both the jacket and undershirt show some skin like DC. Really liked the sunglasses DC added, so I kept it. I kept her chest knife; I found it pretty disappointing that RE2 remake did away with it completely, even with the multiple, degrading knives system the game has. The decal on the back is taken directly from DC.

I used the OG gloves, which extended up to her forearms. I felt DC left too much blank space on her arms. It's baffling why the remake got rid of the gloves entirely, especially considering their pension for trying to make her look like a more 'serious' biker.

I used her DC hot pants, but kept them the same color as her jacket, just like in OG. The reason for this is it keeps that retro look, and Leon's outfit's color scheme also uses the same color for both his top and his bottom, so since they're supposed to be counterparts to each other in the game, that's a bit of visual theming I'd like to keep; Leon is mostly blue, Claire is mostly red. Also, when Claire gives Sherry her jacket later in the game, her shorts are the only element that maintain her signature red color. I do like the look of the blue shorts, though, and wouldn't be fussed if they were used.

The only thing I used from her remake design was the holster, belt, pouches, and radio. I really like that stuff, as it gives her this 'tacticool' look. I changed the color of the belt and pouches from black to the same color as her DC belt and pouch, since there is already a large amount of black on her design, and this shade of brown gives off a more 'cowgirl' look her DC design had.

Speaking of cowgirl stuff, I used her DC boots, but added the buckle and strap from her OG boots.

I made an additional design for her that has her wearing the helmet seen in the OG RE2 when riding the bike, and wearing the sunglasses from DC. I gave her a leather jacket to deal with the rain, that would naturally be discarded later, just like Leon will discard his raincoat in the remake and put on his RPD outfit. And for all those people who seem to suddenly care about safe riding practices, I even included some knee pads. If she were to ride into town with this stuff on, it'd be discarded as you progress. The knee pads could maybe stay, but I've always found one of Claire's most distinguishing features to be her legs, so it'd be better to let her shown them off.

I describe this outfit affectionately as 'Cowgirl Bomber Biker Ninja'. Her outfit was changed in the remake because it apparently looked too outdated. But I don't see why that's a bad thing, that should be the point. This is a remake of a 1998 game that takes place in 1998. That's how she looked in the original, and to change such an iconic look so drastically is going too far.

My overall point with this is, EMBRACE THE RETRO! EMBRACE THE OLD! Don't run away from it.
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I have also been pointing out how poorly modeled new Claire is. I like your design much better!