This is Just to Say

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I paired off
Neville and Snape.

Malfoy and Harry
had sex
in Filch's closet.

Seamus and Dean
made out
in the Gryffindor common room.

Remus and Sirus
are now
a couple.

Pavarti and Lavender
exchange secretive looks.

Fred and George
practice twincest.

I'm sorry,
Ms. Rowling,
for making all your characters
Though you must admit
it would've made the story
much better.
This is a poem called "This is Just to Say". This type of poem was popularized by William Carlos Williams. They are a way of saying "sorry" without meaning it. The original poem was used as a prompt in my writing class. I'm going post a few more "This is Just to Say"s. Try them for yourself. It is a fun way to write.

This one is written from the perspective of a slash writer. It's not me because I don't often write slash.

(These are not my characters. They belong to Ms. Rowling. So there.)
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TheLittleMoonChilde's avatar
Dumbledore is gay, and I think (sadly) that's as close as we get in Canon.
If memory serves, I wrote this before Dumbledore's sexuality was announced. And we all rejoiced because that was the closest we were ever going to get to representation.
TheLittleMoonChilde's avatar
Yeah, I think books could use more people in the LGBTQ community being represented. More people are doing it nowadays though, so that's a plus. Just a little while ago I was reading the new Rick Riordan Series about Norse Mythology and they had a genderfluid kid. And in Mortal instruments there's Alec whose gay. Hopefully there's more of people like this in the future! (I'm only 90% sure his name was Alec sorry if I'm wrong.)
We absolutely need more representation. But we're also so much better than when Harry Potter was being published, thank god. 
TheLittleMoonChilde's avatar
Hopefully, there's still some Harry Potter characters in the closet that we don't know about yet.
never thought of it this way...but ok thanks for ruining my favorite book. i have nothing against gays or lesbians...but i didn't not need to think of Harry Potter like that....geez. i have to say the poem was funny though! :-D
Sometimes, in the absence of good LGBTQ role models in fiction, we create our own. Glad you got a chuckle out of this ancient poem.
luneonarts's avatar
Hero derp, what the perp
Ashng8's avatar
Yes it defiantly would have. ;)
Thanks for the approval. I wrote this years ago for a school assignment. Glad to see that people still like it in all its ancientness.
mindlessIdeologist's avatar
Lost composure at "In filch's closet" XDD
Ha, nice one. I wrote this poem four years ago. If I ever decide to revisit it, I might glean some inspiration from that one.
FMAedxwinry's avatar
FFF--Truth. :iconclapplz: The books would've been so much more fun...just saying.
We had to do this for a book I read in Freshman year XD
Many things would be more entertaining with slash, wouldn't they?

You did This is Just to Says as well? Very nice. They were one of my favourite parts of that class.
FMAedxwinry's avatar
I did! We had to do it for "A Seperate Peace"
Ooo, that's clever. I did it for a creative writing class.
FMAedxwinry's avatar
Really? My creative writing classes don't do that, but they should.
StageCurtain's avatar
But for sirius Remus/Sirius is damn near canon. Everyone knows. :P
Of course. Thank you muchly for the fave.
LooneyLunaLovesYou's avatar
I seriously love Remus/Sirius! <3
*grins* Glad you liked the poem. I don't do nearly as much with fan fics and slash anymore, but they were always one of my favourite pairings.
Thank you for the sign of approval.
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