This Is Just To Say 3

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I drew on my face.

and designs
cover my visage.

All black,
all dark,
all applied with permanent markers.

Mom and Dad.
I didn’t know
I was scribbling
on my face.

I feel terrible
because you’re so mad.

Sorry you had
to scour my face
(with bleach,
no less).

But while it lasted
it was fun.
When I was about four this incident occured. I went into my dad's office and started scribbling on myself. I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. Oh, my parents were mad. Maybe the bleach is the reason I'm so pale...
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I did something like that once, except I think it was whiteout or something.
Could you notice the Whiteout on your face? I mean, we're both so pale...
In art class, my friend Jessie took a picture of me with her new camera and, when we looked at it, I was gone! My skin was so pale on the camera that I completely blended in with the white desk and wall in the background. You could only see my shirt and a bit of my hair. : )
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hahaha aww.. I remember doing things like that! (refer to Asstipetakeswing's comment)
I also remember scribbling all over the walls in our room, and had to wash it off, though it did NOT come off!
Oooooo. *winces* How old were you?
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oh man... I don't know... maybe... around the 4-5-6 years...
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Darn brothers...
AsStipetakeswing's avatar
I know! he was so mean at the time..he's a bit nicer now..
Brothers are like that.
AsStipetakeswing's avatar
AsStipetakeswing's avatar
Aw..thats cute..I'm sure they aren't mad anymore about it...
Reminds me of the time Dawn and I wern't allowed to paint our nails so we took blue markers and coloured our nails in with them..we could've gotten away with it but our then we had to scrub them with soap and water..haha..
My parents and I laugh about it now.
I love drawing on my nails, but I hate painting them.
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Thats good, I'm glad to hear that!:-)
Hmm..that's cool.. I like to paint them but my creative nail painting days ended a long time I'm too lazy to paint them..haha..
The fumes make me feel sick so I can't stand getting my nails painted.
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OooH I see, well I don't get them done, I do them myself...I just try to do them with a window open..
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That's awesome. I used to do that stuff, too. xD
I never did it again after this! XD Thanks for the fave!
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lol, my friends did that to each other, while i sat there, watching and saying theyd get in trouble. then they attacked me with the pink marker.
Noooooo, not the pink marker!
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Thats what I said. Pink is the colour of eeeviiiil!
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