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My last journal entry was apparently from 2009. Felt like this needed an update :)

I've fallen into DRAMAtical Murder and my life is now DMMd.
Because my previous top entry was from almost a year ago, something else now.

Currently playing Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.

I like it. :)


In bigger news, Yami no Matsuei volume 12 is finally being released in Japan after a 8-year hiatus by the mangaka. Due date apparently roughly Jan 2010. This makes me pretty happy! I hope to have a small YnM fanart slam/countdown in January.


Sadly, the manga will probably be ended (officially, finally?) if the sales aren't very good. I'll probably buy a copy for myself.
Tossing out my 2 cents on the casting.

I'm disappointed. Putting it out there. Multiculturalism fail, indeed. I mean, I know better than to think they'd cast solely on ethnicity, but you couldn't even try? I'm sure they're good actors, but...

And despite any claims that ethnicity doesn't matter, I'm willing to wage those two cents that 90% of the rest of the cast (all those side characters) will be Asian, anyway. So that will be everyone except the main ones. My only hope is Toph, lol.
...So DA has been invaded by mudkips on April Fools.
WARNING: There may be spoilers in the comments.

Reaction to ep 3.13: The Firebending Masters.
I love it, I love it!! The fusion dance scene was epic! Gorgeous and gave me chills! The music and the animation, and the wind, and the movement... everything.

Oh Avatar, when will you release a soundtrack? Once season 3 ends, I hope they will release a soundtrack for purchase and/or download. The music was very fitting in this ep.
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I really like Avatar. I started watching January of 2007, just as the last ep of season 2 came out. I burned through all 40 episodes in a week, then died a little inside once I realized season 3 wouldn't start for months.

I didn't mean to do Avatar fanworkssss...! Just that... Episode 3.12 happened... and aaahaha, the potential is fantastic for their group dynamic. Can I join fandom now? D8 Kinda?

Neutral Shipper here. I mostly watch for the awesome win that is Sokka. Toph sometimes for her blunt yet snarky-fun comments, in the same vein as House (yay House). Then Zuko for being the dorkable angsty bishie character.
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I reported these two incidences of art theft, but nothing has happened yet, which I pretty much expect. The internet is a big pool, and it's easy for things to slip under the radar. While I don't mind too much if someone uses my work else where (layouts, icons, etc), what I DO mind is when someone tries to take credit for my effort.

On DA:
(Thank you to RebelFire for informing me of this.)

Someone on GA posted a Riku piece I did.
Rip: Copy and Paste the following link and delete the spaces in between chunks:
www Postid=642171  
For some reason, the link is messing up and DA is reading an emote con &P in it
(Thank you to Fairy55 on GA for notifying me of this.)

Boo. Help. ;_; - Edit: Please no flaming them, just report. D: No need for too much trouble, all I want is for it to be removed. But thank you for your support!!

And blarg on links messing up. Anyone have any advice on how to correct it so the address doesn't poop up?
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As of today, 24 years young. :)

Looking back, I didn't do as much in DA this last year. Work and waning interest in fandom collides, and sadly means less art done. Maybe I'll make it my goal on New Year's to do more, heh.

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone!
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Hey, I've redid my art site:


Oi. Strike two against doing commissions at conventions. Paper trail depends on a customer's flagging memories. (Strike one is here:… )

A girl from Anime Iowa just emailed me saying What's Up, claiming she paid for some Pyramid Head x Nurse art of dubious maturity. At the artist alley table, I put it on the to-do list as the last thing, but I said I probably wouldn't have time to do very pointedly told her not to pay me then since I was 90% sure I would not have time to do it being the last day of con. So, I did not take munnies.

Then time ran out and hence I didn't draw it. I do not owe art, nor do I feel particularly inclined to do it now, after being accused of charging for services not received.


In other topics, I've been thinking of opening up commissions via internet and such. Like, with sending a Note and stuff. You know. With a paper trail. Also, more bang for your buck since it'll be full colored. I had a possible one lined up, but I haven't heard in a few days... I'm kinda looking forward to doing commissions. :) I still need to think over how to do it though... I don't want to run into a bad situation.

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Clipped Wings

Fri Jul 20, 2007, 8:58 AM
zomg ?

Man, looking at the art of my webcomic now versus the art of the earlier chapters is paaaaainful. XD Interesting to see how my style has changed and hopefully improved from what it USED to be. Ouch. I really need to update the site Archives too, a lot of the links have moved from "keenspace" to "comicgenesis".

Sorry to all who have been hanging on to it until now :o I know I haven't updated since last year (...) but new pages are here and on the horizon.

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Status page:

It's been a slow week on LJ, and I haven't been able to post anything since 5 days ago.  However, I was able to post a comment from work. But posting an entry? Failed. I'm fairly certain it is not my computer, because I can access all other sites just fine.

Please brings it baaack.

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Friday: Got in line, got stuff, left for an hour so sleepykelvina and I could sign our apartment lease and get keys, then came back. Set up in artist alleyy. Saw so many LJ people, who were so cool. I met questofdreams, jade_fragment again, watched as vulchu and the rest of Detour staff try not to kill themselves with stress. I roommed with Bonnie, mariemisu, and Jess in a tiiiinnnnyyyyy room with one bed, but had a fridge and microwave. Friday was spent artist alleying, but I abandoned it halfway to scour the Dealer's Room and came out with a Axel playarts figure. Then had KH Room party! Room was much too small for it! But that is okay!!

Saturday: FOG. FOG FOG FOG. WHOA. WE WOKE UP IN SILENT HILL. LETS GO BACK. Very fun, however I became a surprise volunteer at the Cosplay Greenroom. It was fun - and I was also a judge for the cosplay contest. Best seat in the house! I have the cosplay taped, will be transfering it to VHS and DVD hopefully. Some really lovely skits - the Howl's Moving Castle one made me teary.

Sunday: Memory is bad, but the day I bought Trap!Heero doujin. Lori is right, buying doujin, you risk buying a bag full of traps. Um, stuff happened. There was one major thing that pissed me off on Sunday - commissioning.

A girl commissioned me on Saturday for an Akuroku picture. I was like, sure, okay. :D However, her sister comes on Sunday and swears that she commissioned me too for a color-pencil picture of chibi Akuroku, and that I charged her $10.

1. I charge $8 for 2-character pictures.
2. I don't even use color pencils!

I am a very NO, I don't remember you, you're not on my commissioned list. I commissioned your sister, but not you.
She must have gotten the commission from the table NEXT to me, who were full of asian girls with glasses, :P but they had already left for the day. But of course, I looked close enough. This girl insisted it was me, my table, when it wasn't at all. Her SISTER comes back, and gives the best defense ever created: "My sister would never lie to me" and at that point I knew they were going to make a big loud fuss until they got what they wanted.

I said forget it, and just gave her $10 to pretty much go away and leave me alone. The girl took it and walked away, all "thank you, sorry for the trouble..." DAMN that made me mad. I hope to never see them again. I can't believe it. Forget doing commissions anymore.

Moral: Trust your sister, but don't trust their memories. And remember who you're getting art from.
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I have a KH fanart that I want to use a Preview picture with (warning pic) but I can't seem to find a way to load a preview using DA's new site layout/submissions layout.

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It was my birthday yesterday. :3 November 17. I turned 23 =o=

I went to eat at the Olive Garden with friends, which was fantastic. Then we went to see Happy Feet, the movie with the dancing penguin voiced by Frodo. Penguins are adorable! It was more depressing than I expected, contained pseudo-social-commentary on religion and the environment - which little kids wouldn't catch but is pretty clear to adults.

Main thing I was annoyed with was that Mambo seemed to stay in a state of perpetual penguin molting/adolescence through the whole movie, even though all the other penguins reached maturity. Sure, he's a little under developed from being dropped as an egg (serious) but work in some more of that National Geographic biology knowledge, please?
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o_O! It seems as though there are 2 people who came on the DA at the same time and both got 100k! (Is that even possible??) XD They both sent me a Note about 2 minutes apart. Both screencaps sent to me look pretty convicing... so... I guess that means I'll do 2 kiribans! XD;

Grats to ~Kristoski and ~thelittlestdragon !

Thank you, everyone, that visited!! This was all possible because of you guys. :bows:
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Girt Art/Kiriban for visitor #100,000!! Wow! Seems like only yesterday I was looking forward to 6k.

I'll just repeat what I said before:

GIFT FOR VISITOR #100,000 - hopefully something that I have familiarity with. :x Best luck in figuring that out - I suggest looking at my gallery.

Send me a note if you're it!

If no one gets the hit, I'll be sad. :/

Don't lie xo!! (Screencap would be appreciated :D)


Also, I  reeaaaally don't look forward to work tomorrow. Someday, I'll get a job I love. Hopefully in art, but that's a distant dream for me, considering.
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I got back from Anime Iowa last night! It was great fun, I dressed up as a little Red Nocturne Heartless :D I met lots of people, and some people from DA! (please Comment if you were there too!) It was small, since Otakon was the same weekend - but AI was close, convenient, and cheap, and it works for poor lazy me.

One thing, though. Iowa has so many spiders. I hate spiders. They were big suckers too.
CONvergence is a sci-fi con I go to every year. It's great fun! This year I found out that the Gargoyles producer/editor guy Greg Weisman is coming out with the Gargoyles comic book which will be full of the stories they never got the time to animate for the TV show. It sounds awesome! And the DVDs are out!
And he verified that there was a gay character on the show. Lexington, I believe?

This con is full of FOOD. And theme rooms. And CHOCOLATE. And some alcohol for those of age (everyone cards). I had a nice jello shot, and some really good chocolates. Man, I can't believe it'll be over tomorrow, and I have to go back to work. T_T I do the phone customer service for various online stores. I need to learn how to support myself through art so I can never do phones again. :lol:

My friends did a great skit, one called "Pimp my Ride, UK" where there was a Dalek being pimped out, but suddenly goes EXTERMINATE on everyone. Dr. Who appears, and suddenly through various events the cast ends up dancing to the Time Warp, Again.
That's right... they won't let me print the fanart because those are copy-righted characters! ^^;
Nooooo~! I'm so stupid. :omg:

Well, that certainly is motivation for me to get a PO Box and possibly start just make prints from home and selling them. More news on this later!
I'm going to Anime Iowa in August! ! Well, at least, I hope so. I sent in my pre-registration stuff on the 13th, but I haven't  recieved a confirmation yet.

I'll also be in Artist Alley, and hope to sell some of my KH prints.

Also! I recently paid for this DA account and have the ability to sell prints through DA - unfortuately, the two time I've tried to submit a better picture for "Three of Hearts" it gets reject because the file is corrupted somehow.
But before I try again, a question: would actually anyone buy a DA print of something in my gallery? If so, which one(s)? Or, if you've had experience in buying DA prints, how is the quality of their printing? I'm curious, so any comments about DA prints would be helpful.