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xxxHOLiC - YuukoxClow

Characters: Yuuko from xxxHOLiC and Clow Reed from CCS.

Yuuko and Clow Reed have known each other for a long time... the nature of their relationship is a bit of a mystery, but they'd make a great pair. This was done for my friend Becky. :nod:

For Yuuko's dress, I took the picture of some fabric with butterfly designs and overlayed it and changed the colors/shading. The rest is simple.
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knowing that angry look she made in the first vol. im not sure she'll be happy XD
Dawnilith's avatar
even though yuuko said he was a creep in the beginning of holic o.o
TheArtgrrl's avatar
So awesome!
I love the colors and Yuuko's skirt
Sophonax-Skitty's avatar
*flails* This is great! Loving the overall composition of the piece, and the expressions (very character-appropriate) and.. well... it involves my two favourite fictional mages, so... ^^; :+favlove:
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
Whee! Great pic' and you used only my favorite color for it: purple! (People say it's the color of magic!)
sonandheir's avatar
Sexy sexy! Love the position, the colors you used, and Yuuko's outfit.
awww so beautiful can you please make more?
stickninjasllama's avatar
Sexy~ Great drawing of these too!
VivaDramatica's avatar
Yuuko and Clow Reed have always been one of my favorite couples, it's so hard to find fanart of them.

This looks REALLY good, I love it! :D
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wooooo so great *o*
I love that couple...Yuko looks great and Clow...well I just keep waiting to the time they show up together in the manga >w< I like the colors...and Clows face -w-
the XD mark near his boot XD
watanuki-is-MINE's avatar
YAAAAYY!!! I've been waiting for fanart like this!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Hehe sorry...:D
Neartastic's avatar
I love the colors of their clothes.
EgnirysFaye's avatar
This is very sweet ^_^ Well done *Fav*
Cat6222's avatar
oh love this couplet :D i dont care what you all say i think pink sutes him :P
thomasng's avatar
The only problem is... she may kill Clow afterwards :D
Crazyfaucet's avatar
Very well done!*round of applause* i love it!
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The first words out of my mouth: "What an INTERESTING pairing!"

Seriously--not offensive, or improbable. Nor was it implied in any way. I commend you on your originality!
zuRii's avatar
waaa ! Yuuko x Clow <333 !
ElvinSparks's avatar
I love this. I'm a Clow/Yuuko shipper from way back, although apparently, that is strange. XD
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hah, nice image ^^
i'd like to see watanuki and yuuko together sometime~
FatChibiNeko's avatar
that's hawt. Nice work.
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