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YnM - gravity

Series: Yami no Matsuei~ (Descendants of Darkness)
Characters: Tatsumi and Watari

Watari may have a girly bow, but he's a mad scientist. :)

Even if they occasionally suffer from left-over-characters syndrome, I love how they look together. D8 I love this series.

Lineart in pencil, colored in Photoshop.
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I love the grouping of both of them, but Watari's posture is emotionally painful to watch - like his heart is breaking, while Tatsumi looks straight ahead. 
(or maybe i'm reading too much into this...)

lovely work, thanks for sharing!
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this is awsome <3 this couple really needs more support. I like them better than hisoka x tzusuki to be honest
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i soooo agree with this pairing!!!
ZigfriedVonSchroider's avatar
8D you have been reading my mind! It is sad that there is so less about them in the mangas and even more less in the anime. They do so great together. <3 Is it normal for me to like most of the secondary characters more than the mains? lol

This art is really great. the style you drew them in is refreshing <3
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I love YNM! I love these two as well, great artwork! <3
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WOW *drool* I love it and I's sad, a never-will-be-pic
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omg yeah <3 I love this pairing <3
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I really like this. I just started watching the anime last night, and I really loved the thought of them together. >>;;
Even if Watari is a mad scientist, he'd still make for a cute uke. xD Or maybe just a mad one. :3
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I've had this in my favourites forever, and I don't think I've ever commented on it, which is way unlike me, so I'm gonna make up for it now. ^_^

'S funny, I always LOVED Watari's hair. I want that hair, even thought I usually don't much like blond. It's amazing, and you've definitely done it justice. But I can't help thinking that you've drawn Tatsumi's hair so well, I like it even more than Watari's.

I adore Watari's pose, and Tatsumi's eye, and the fact that his tie is almost, but not quite, the same colour as it.
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Those two are so cute together, always loved Watari's hair. Very well done it's great
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Once this art had insired me on a fanfic. So - thank you VERY much fot this one. And a little tediousness:
Often people are afraid of drewing in their own style. They tre to copy the way the original artist does. Sometimes (I'd seen it too often) they even draw again oter character (f.e. Tsuzuki) and, playing with hair style/color make over another charackter (f.e. Tatsumi). That's not right. You don't have to draw in the same style with the author your work to be good. I hope, you've understood what I was talking about.
All I wanted to say is - you have your own style, tat's brilliant, I like it, although it's a bit... mmm... peculiar (in a good sence of word).
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OMG! Good, I'm not crazy! Someone else loves these two together as well <3
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I love Watari's hair 8D
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Oh my! This is so carefully done. I love it.
*rushes to check if you have more in you gallery* :D
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This is very well done :D
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I'm not usually a fan of Watari, but this looks excellent. I love Tatsumi to bits XD *faves*

Bless xox
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Oooh... Great job! *0*
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tatsumiiii D:

i really like how you did the lighting! & the hair (:
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