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YnM - Bad Moon Rising

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Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character: Hisoka Kurosaki
Occupation: Shinigami (no relation to Ichigo, sadly...)

Let the Yami no Matsuei Renaissance begin?

A "Hisoka determined to defeat his issues" kind of look. I love him and the angst this series has. (I love angst...)

Last night I worked on this, and there was a thunderstorm. Power went out. I lost about two hours of work and was agqt43y9p7aepdagh. Came back to this and made myself do it again. 8|


Edit: Here's the inprogress pictures -

Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.
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I love the red ribbon :D
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BelovedbloodHobbyist General Artist
Love it
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He looks so pissed...Yet still beautiful.
I absolutely adore your work.
LightsKira's avatar
... i cant view it. >_>
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VKieraHobbyist General Artist
you have satified two of my most favorite things,1.pretty boy, 2. Red ribbions, XD this looks awesome.
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Fabulously awesome picture. You captured Hisoka's character perfectly. The color is so lush but not too much.
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AkuDemuHobbyist General Artist
this is badass. i love it! My friends nickbamed me "Hisoka" after Hisoka kurusaki, because they say i act just like him. ^^ good work
Kenshins-Soul's avatar
HI---SO---KA!!!! XD *cuddles*

He's my 1st favorite character of YnM!! Then Tsuzuki.

He looks so determined to get what he wants.

Hey, I have read your Clipped Wings and I have enjoyed reading it. Now that I can see why Jonas reminds me of so much -- Hisoka!

Keep up the great work!
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yay!!! angst!!! XD
i love his's so...angstful. XD
his eyes are so's awesome.
i love the colouring!
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Awww, ILU Hisoka... Don't be angry. XP

I love this series and this fanart does it great justice... T___T I only wish the anime was longer -sigh- I guess that's why they made manga and fanart/fiction....
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Hiso-chan.... I love him ^^
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t3h l337 r0x0rz 0f p0w33r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t:
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love it. i wish u'd render his lips more detailed so that he'll look fiercer and more determined.
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DK-DarkKittyHobbyist General Artist
Gotta love the eyes, first thing that caught my attention!
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lovely ribbon work~:heart:
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Oh man, I *love* the lighting in this picture, and the shadows on the skin. All seems very delicately placed. The hair mesmerizes me...and those eyes. The colors mesh well with the intensity of his expression, too. Awesome work.
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i love him soooo much!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! i have been wanting to do a pic...
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Oish! You lost power from that storm?! You must've been east or west of us. A N/S line somehow was saved.
We did too a few days later... but from a cruddy power line.
The fury in his eyes doesn't match his facial expression... to gentle methinks. 'Course, My opinion usually worth squat.
Nice use of red with the magickal ribbons, too.
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FallenAngelEyesHobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful. I love YnM so much. Any plans on doing any Muraki art?
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Roys-nekoStudent General Artist
this is awesome! I love the look. Yami no matsuei is angst but it's fun no play mix and match with the pairing though I prefer Tsuzuki/Hisoka better. anyways this is great, wonderful work.
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Why were you going two hours w/o saving in the first place?! D:

And sorry if someone's said this before. But you have a ginormous amount of comments and I'm too lazy to go through them all. ^^;

I love the lighting. And the gigantic red moon. :heart:
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