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X - Subaru - Sweet Dreams...

A portrait of the longing and loneliness of Sumeragi Subaru from the series X and Tokyo Babylon.
But is that shadowy figure lurking near just a figment of his imagination,
or is it -- ?

The sakura took a toll on my wrist, erp. I tried making my own petals-brush on photoshop, but it turned out a little weird and more fakey than I had hoped, so I then drew a bunch in the hopes they balance out in the end (two wrongs...?). Also, my least favorite part of the pic were his feet. ^^; And, carving things into trees is bad...

6 hours, Photoshop CS. Wacom Tablet.

I wish I worked this hard on my homework. :X
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HanakoUchiha100's avatar
awww subaru is great !
Hinater's avatar
ton dessin est magnifique j'adore

Subaru est trop beau ^^
LalaMasquerade's avatar
I really like the atmosphere of this picture! I feel so sad looking at this... :cry: I wish there would've been a happier ending for them, but maybe, I wouldn't love them as much, if their relationship was any different?

Still, lovely work. I wish I could portrait Subaru OR Seishirou so well.. (I suck at fanart, sadly..)
setsuyu's avatar
rmorg912's avatar
lovely. i love the cherry blossoms
kotoza2nd's avatar
good coloring Xd
loveeee the way you did the petals!
Coonbutt's avatar
o-O i made a character named subaru that looks almost exsactly like that woah o-o wierd...
Lennia-chan's avatar
Ohmiiigosh, it is SO awesome! <3<3<3
Seishiro-san, go and get him! *evil laughter*
lily-rosewhite's avatar
This is so perfect. I love Subaru's outfit and the way he's laying down on the sakura blossoms. The shadowy figure was well placed as well!
inkandpenproductions's avatar
this is so pretty! the detail on the sakura is beautiful. i've read some of tokyo babylon and watched the x series and this does subaru justice. nice!
KaiyaSumeragi's avatar
Just when I thought Subaru couldn't get have proved me wrong! You've captured Subaru beautifully!!! *is in awe* The sakura turned out great!

I spy Seishiro!!! Quick someone wake Subaru up!!! lol

KunoichiH29's avatar
wow...I never liked the pink...(yeah I know Im weard) but the color of the petals at the flor looks so nice...and Subaru *o* I like his expression ^^ so nice job
Wolf3x6's avatar
*-* detail in the background- very nice.
K-haza's avatar
To put it simply: Oh my freaking cash, this is amazing! :iconiloveyouplz:
It's really hard to draw someone from this perspective, yet Subaru looks really normal and everything is in balance!
Morigor's avatar
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD I LOVE HIM
Gwendolaine's avatar
I lurvs the cherry blossumzzz...<3
moonlit-roses's avatar
That reminds me of Lt. Cornel Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist
Dark-Coco's avatar
Gorgeous! The scene is just beautiful. :aww: Subaru's so cute & I like the pose. Your colouring is so lovely too, awesome shading work! The style & overall look looks really good. Those sakura petels must have been murder to draw, they're so tiny (evil buggers! =p )
Drak-Fairy-Queen's avatar
Wow! I love this so much! It's very beautiful. *favourites*
ErilisVampyre's avatar
*smile* Simply inspiring.
It also reminds me of what Seishiro said to him all those years ago about the sakura tree and his own promise for Subaru...that he was the only one allowed to kill him. Though...still...he is ever watchful, even when opportunity arises and falls. He watches and longs for something in their connection...deep within himself...
X-SakuyaAine's avatar
...Beautiful! *Cries*
I don't know what else to say .... but Thank-You! :) :D
superakachan's avatar
such mellancholy makes me sad :(
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