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Cruddy guide for cosplay sword

By rubyd
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Hey! One more since I'm on the subject of cosplay crafts. Another guide/tutorial thing.

This is how I made a sword. To be honest, I wasn't planning to make the full sword, I was only going to make a size-reference for a friend who I previously wanted to commission me a decent cosplay sword...but kept going and finished it. D:

It's real rough here, but if I ever did a second one it'd probably be 10x cleaner.

Series is Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness (manga)
Character is the Shikigami Suzaku in her human form.
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Foud this at, it's realy helpfullm thank you for this tut!! :D
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This is pretty helpful, thanks!
How much did it weigh?
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My goodness, you make it look easy. I'll have to give it a try. I have no delusions of my attempt turning out as good as yours.
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You did a good job on the handle all shiney and such!
I'm curious, though, they made a manga of that series?
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THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!^^ love you!!! woohoo!!!!!!!XD
now i dont have to use my money on buying the sword itself!!!
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I've been trying to figure out how to make a cosplay sword and it's been driving me nuts. This is pretty helpful actually. How much did yours end up weighing? (light? heavy? medium?)
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cool ^^ me encanto esta serie ^^
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It's great looking and the TUT really helpful!
Since I was planning of cosplaying Suzaku, some time (in the FAR future...), too, I may be coming back to it.
Thank you very very much!
And I hope you had a lot of fans there whenever you were wearing that cosplay with such a great sword!
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Thank you for making this tutorial ! now i know how to start making Beatrix's "Save the Queen"
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I'm planning on using your tips to make a Brotherhood from FFX. If you don't mInd >.<

I think I'm going to cover the whole blade part with blue glitter nail polish. I'll have to buy a lot, but I think It'll turn out nice. ^^
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Hey, good luck!! I'd love to see it if it turns out! :)
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I would XD but I think I've changed my mind (again) about doing that cosplay. For my first one, it would be a little bit difficult. >.<
I think I'm going as a Guado instead.
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OMG, Nail Polish! I think it could work! Need to tryy~
Thanks for this sweet guide, I had many ideas! ♥
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This'll be useful, cos I gotta make a Way to the Dawn for my cosplay plans :|
deviouspianistVIII's avatar
This is so freaking awesome!
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Thanks for sharing!! I'll probably use this tutorial to make mine too! :)
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Yeah, this would be handy, I have all of that stuff(minus model magic) in my house right now.
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Awesome! Thank you very much ^^ This will definitely come in handy.
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very nice. and thanks for putting it up. I love making props for cosplay, but like you said, most cosplayers keep their techniques secret. Me, I like to brag ^-^. And I like to learn, so thanks again.
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whew, that looks like alot of work D8
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that's genius!!!
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Eee~! Nice Suzaku sword 8D
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