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Cosplay tips - faking an Opal

Not sure how much use anyone would be able to get out of this, but I love it when others put up some cosplay/craft tutorials rather than keeping it some kind of trade secret. :)

Also, the hat on the bottom right is for the character of Kijin from Yami no Matsuei (manga). A friend is considering cosplaying him and I wanted to try making the hat. :D

Update: You can apply the nail-polish effect to the backs of the fake plastic gems from Michael's or any craft store, as long as it's clear and has a flat back.
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would this work ok with jut regular acrylic paint too?
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Highly doubtful. Even metallic acrylics don't get the same shine and shimmer to them. But you can try, fishtank rocks are cheap so it's not like you're losing much. 

I just bought some nice nail polishes from the dollar store so I'm not using really expensive ones.
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Ah this is what i needed for my Homura gem!
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I never thought of this!! Brilliant!

I'll have to make some fake opal gems for my halloween wizard costume!
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That is a really good idea!
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This looks a very good way of doing it :D
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You're a genius.
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This is really neat!
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I never would have thought of that. You're a genius.
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So simple, so brilliant! Well done!
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This will be a huge help for my next cosplay!
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I got some of these with aset to make magnets from and jewellery, I can do it with them, ialso have some green and pink ones for my old fish tank :D
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could I use these fake gems with sculpey clay in the oven?
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Genius!! I am so going to do this right now! Thank you so much for the idea!
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Very useful for gem-heavy costumes
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Yeah I love this tutorial!! I will use it soon, beacause I want to make Kijin cosplay (Yami no Matsuei).... ^^
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Hello I mentioned you on my picture because I used your technique. Thanks for your very good tutorial :D

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Neat. I'm an opal junkie in my wirework, but cool to see how to make costume friendly ones. And I certainly have the nailpolish :D
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i like the way it turned out! :D
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Was browsing a cosplay group's tutorial gallery and found this, these are beautiful :D
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