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Clipped Wings - Cory

This is Cory, a character from my webcomic Clipped Wings!

He's a guy, if you can't tell. ^^;

I haven't done much art for Clipped Wings, but I'll try to do it more. (Not to mention update more and do more pages!)

Done on openCanvas 4
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BloodDancer's avatar
awwww, cory looks so cute, i remember reading ur comic, its nice ^_^
forgotten-angel777's avatar
I loves it! Where've you been? It looks like August is the last time you updated Clipped wings, unless I missed something important. Happy you're still doing arts though!
aelthwyn's avatar
yay cory! I really love your comic too! I'm always anxiously checking for the next update =D you've got such interesting ideas and loveable characters =) I can't quite decide whether cory or jaegar is my favorite, but it's probably cory...he looks so beautifull here :aww: oh, and I really love that page with his wings, very well done!
Kenshins-Soul's avatar
Sweet, beautiful Cory. I especially love his eyes, like a kitty's. Beautiful long hair. *purrs over long hair*

Hmm...I believe he's my 1st favorite, then Jonas in Clipped Wings. But I love to see them as lovers. I hope that happens when you go back and update it soon. XD
kiyoshi-aki's avatar
oooh he's gorgoues!

Oh I cannot wait for more updates! I get real excited when there is another page up hehe always brightens my day! Love your comic to bits! ^_^
RhiaBluefletch's avatar
oooooooooh, very nice.

you do have to update soonnnnnn.... the comic equals hearts

i laughed SO hard when Cory came into Jonas's room all sexy-like and Jonas totally didn't even notice. ♥
SlashmasterAeon's avatar
When are you going to update your loverly webcomic!!! Waaaah! I'm constantly rereading it and always getting stuck on that one page with the one chick! I :heart: your series and love the smexiness of your pictures btw, but update plz!
sony05sr's avatar
mmm, Cory! I love your series and I can't wait for the new updates!
Aah! Cory fan art :heart: He's my favorite Clipped Wings character :) Hope you can update some new pages, I'm itching to know more about Aquila :o
D-Bird's avatar
Wow! The way u colored Cory's hair is outstanding! :wow: It's so shiney! I love his eyes too! :dance:
Black---Angel's avatar
Beautiful! I'm just amazed!
Gone-Shootin's avatar
Oh. Em. Gee.
CORY! *wants to glomp him* Oh wait, I'll leave that for Jonas to do :D

I absolutely adore the colouring, shading... (blah blah blah)! I wish I could draw like that... (blah blah blah)!

In a nutshell: :+favlove:
Cruel-Alchemist's avatar
Wow . . . His true beauty can only be expressed in colors. I've always loved Clipped Wings XD I didn't know you had a Deviantart account! I only found out through the newest update . . . Gomen. I'll continue to read~!
rubyd's avatar
Thank you very much for sticking with the webcomic with all my gaps of no updates! (really truly sorry about that) I hope my other random arts can tie you over for the moment, at least.
Cruel-Alchemist's avatar
Now that I'm watching you, yup! I'll be just fine XD
Rekiah's avatar
very cute, wish i had talent like that :)
madhatterzwei's avatar
LOVE your coloring. <33
banditangel's avatar
so I've definatly read all you have up for Clipped Wings and I absolutely love it! And I can honestly say Cory is my favorite character! He's sexy and hilarious, and he just makes you wanna take him home. You made him definatly extra sexy in this picture ^-^ good job!
KaminaRhea's avatar
Soooooooooo beauty-ful! I wish I had your mad coloring skillz, but I only have Photoshop elements, so I lack some of the more critical things for channels *pout*
NeerasThoughts's avatar
WOA SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXYYYYY XD hahahahaha love the eyes and how you did the shadows ^^ +fav for you!
Ariel523's avatar
I love the frame :] <3
kutzuno's avatar
so pritty!!♥♥♥
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