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Battle - Touda vs SnakeGod

This is for a friend named Zanzou. The full title should be "Big Kaijuu Battel!" (with the bad spelling), but it didn't fit the allotted space...

This is Touda (on the right) is from Yami no Matsuei, and he's battling the Snake-god Yatanogami from Volume 11 of the manga. Yatanogami is a demon which haunts Hisoka's family.

Touda, if you've seen/read the series, is the fire-snake Shikigami that Tsuzuki summons to him in the last episode. One of the best scenes in the series.

Touda was fun to draw! But not the snake-god and all the lines :P (Lick) I might shade/color it in the future, but for now this will remain a sketch.
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the way you drew touda is lovely ans absultly stunning. I hopwe you draw his human form sometime! =D I gbet he's going to kick ass agenst that evil snake god who you..with nagara O.o I'm glad nagara Felt my pain *shakes fist* Anyways yaaay touda!
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yay! Touda art! Ye have made me happy! VERY well drawn!
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Thanks! XD Wooo for Touda fans!
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Y'know, I think this is the fanart of Touda I've seen where he isn't in his human form. And DEFINATELY the first of the snake god. :applause:
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You done very good on that sketch.
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sent via bets on the one on the right...very nicely detailed work u have here...brilliant
methinks..good stuff..^^
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Very Cool. It looks so neat. I've never erad the manga, but your drawing might make we want to pick up a copy. Very nice work!
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