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Nekocon -- Reiko

By RubyCosmos
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Old piece of mascot art for Nekocon. I'm not Reiko's official artist and I was told the 'lion' tail didn't go over as well as I'd hoped, but ah, well. T'were an experiment.
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I actually really Love this of Reiko, she is a cat, not a lion, but the personality and art is spot on to me. If you changed the feet and tail and ears to look more like a Abyssinian Cat then it would be so cute!!!

(actually I really want to make this as a cosplay, is it ok if I do that? do you mind?) I will post photos if I do ^-^
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Please do! Just make sure to link back to the Nekocon website in some way (I'd love a link back to me, too, but Nekocon owns the character so they're more important).

I don't know why I went through a lion/kitty phase back then. I did that with a lot of catgirls back in the day. LOL Glad you like it anyway!