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'The props were the same, but now [...] the Test Card Girl herself had changed. Gone was the bright-red dress and matching headband. She was dressed all in black now - mourning black - with a big painted teardrop on each cheek. Changed too was the green dolly with a clown's face she had always clutched. It was now swaddled in filthy, blood-speckled bandages from head to foot, like a hospital patient in a bad sitcom.' ~LIFE ON MARS: BLOOD, BULLETS AND BLUE STRATOS

The first of the Mars/Ashes tie-in novels has dropped, and it's bending my little fangirl brain. The 'character redesign' of the Test Card Girl in particular really got me, because she's always been one of the creepiest things about either show.

If you're a fan of both series, I highly recommend it -- and I say 'both' because it looks like this is going to play into what we learn in the final episode of A2A.
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Is it me, or does she look like something that should be in 'The Twilight Zone'?
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The imagery definitely seems to be veering in that direction, so I was pushing it toward that a bit. They really play up the element of mourning and the black balloon ... though her appearance does get progressively creepier as the book goes on. The scary part is she's not the creepiest thing in the book.
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Wow - it seems to be almost a curse on her. Like she's never aged, but been tortured.

To be honest, though, she looked a tiny bit creepy even as a normal girl.