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500YD - Spring Trade 2009

By RubyCosmos
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So I was asked by Tara for some Roger Delgado. Um, yeah ... I love this guy and I will never do him justice. But I recall he was always miserable doing his own stunts while Pertwee was ACTION DOKTAR.

And I recall our Master being rather miserable in the water in one story. Bless.

Sorry. ~_~;
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I think I remember hearing in a DVD commentary that Delgado was actually TERRIFIED of water.
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Yeah, the look on his face in the scene I'm thinking of. Bless him. :(
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Action dolt ah to de rescue!
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Ha! This is made of win!
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I'm glad people think so. ^^; I was a bit intimidated when I saw the art of the person I was drawing for ... coming up with this felt like the equivalent of a guy seeing a pretty girl, trying to impress her, and ending up tripping over his own tongue and saying something really doofy instead. ^^;;;;
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Baahahaha. So, so true. And so them. Man, I miss the Pertwee era. The Master has never been the same since.
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I wasn't so keen on 3, but the classic masters were the best....
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Delgado was wonderful. I miss him so. And while Pertwee wasn't my favourite Doctor, I'll never turn down the opportunity to watch ANY story with 3 and Delgado!Master. Is there any chemistry more perfect?
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I miss Delgado...
And ainley...
God, why don't we get any GOOD masters anymore?
The last one was a blonde idiot who didn't have ANY chemistry with the doctor whatsoever.. :(
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Pertwee holds a special place in my heart as the Doctor who actually made me like the young Doctor, and as the first regeneration where I could begin to see how he got from here to there. Also, he had Liz, who was just cool, and he's the one who picked up Sarah, who was cooler. And, yeah, Delgado. Wow, I miss him.

I watched all of the available classic Who DVDs and all of the new series (that was out at the time) in about six months, via NetFlix. It's really an experience, especially starting as an American who'd barely heard of the show (Baker's Doctor absolutely terrified me as a small child, and I refused to even touch the show until this last year).
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