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Excited to share that I'm one of 314 female cosplayers from around the world featured in this new page-a-day calendar! The photograph used is Tomb Raider: Reborn - Archer.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Get your copy on Kickstarter! Almost there with less than 10 days to go (funding goal must be met by 15 Oct).

Check it out at:

Photography: Ken Koh -

If you’d like to learn more, visit:

Featured on Cosplay Cantina Artist Spotlight: Check it out here

Thanks Cosplay Cantina for the feature! This was from their interview earlier this year. Photos by: Clement Tung, Ken Koh, SK SS 摄杰享受, Nyvrem Porktography

You might notice that I mentioned about making video game food. Mostly it was inspired by Lvl.1 Chef. Do check out his page, he makes great stuff! Unfortunately, I have nothing much to show for it at the moment as my kitchen is literally just a floor and four walls right now (doing house renovations). Also kind of shy to share anything when it still doesn't look that great. I'll keep experimenting in the meantime!

Upcoming conventions: Hoping to make it for GameStart Asia in October. Maybe STGCC in September too?
Earlier in June, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lady Scion Cosplay for her blog {TangledWires} about my experience with cosplay.

You can check it out here.
When I cosplayed as Lara Croft for the first time in 2013 at a local convention, I had no idea that it would lead to new adventures years later. After a bit of serendipity, I became an official Tomb Raider cosplay ambassador in 2015. Since then, I've made plenty of friends from within the community. Their support has encouraged me to keep looking forward and of course, to add more Tomb Raider cosplay plans!

On this page, you will find a collection / record of my Tomb Raider cosplays and activities.


Email: rubyheartscos(AT)gmail(DOT)com
Twitter: @RubyNXT
Facebook fanpage:
WorldCosplay: RubyHearts (55241)


Tomb Raider: Reborn
Lara Croft

Photoshoot, Singapore, 2014
[Link to gallery]

Tomb Raider: Reborn - Archer by ruby-hearts  
Tomb Raider: Reborn - Lara by ruby-hearts Tomb Raider: Reborn - Lost by ruby-hearts Tomb Raider: Reborn - Poster by ruby-hearts Tomb Raider: Reborn - Extraordinary by ruby-hearts
 Tomb Raider: Reborn - Bow by ruby-hearts


Xbox FanFest Singapore 2015 (Singapore, 9 Sep 2015)
Singapore Official Tomb Raider cosplay ambassador

Official event album: Click here
Personal summary: Click here

The common theme about the last two shoots is that they were a bit of a headache because of the location. x_x

The Chinese dress version of Love Live! was shot at a very public area, during a weekend, just next to a busy main road. There were many strangers trying to sneak (or blatantly take) photos of us, which made us feel very uncomfortable as our costumes can be too revealing if shot at weird angles. :/ Worst was, there were some persistent guys who refused to put away their phone cameras although we asked them a few times. There was even one old man who got angry and scolded us even though we only asked him once, very very nicely. :,( Our few helpers had to use anything they could (reflectors, umbrellas, their bodies) to create a protective barrier of sorts, especially when we were taking a break. While you can't stop people from taking your picture in public without permission, I think it's basic to expect them to respect your specific request to stop if it makes you feel uncomfortable and upset. It's not that cosplayers are snobbish, but if we stopped to take pictures with/for everyone that asked, we wouldn't be able to progress with the shoot as planned with the limited time we have. Plus, these costumes (and shoes!!!) are not comfortable to be worn for so many hours. ><

Anyway, all that aside, we managed to have a pretty successful shoot despite all the issues! Here's a group photo, posted by MoeMiko 果果 :iconmoemiko:.

Love Live Cheongsam Version by MoeMiko
(click to enlarge)

One of my favourite solo shots because it has Maki's signature hair twirl (not sure how noticeable it is though).
Love Live! Chinese dress: Maki - Hair twirl by ruby-hearts
(click to enlarge)

More photos: [Link to gallery]

The other problematic shoot was Noragami. The location we picked looked really nice. We were warned it would be very windy but everything was fine during our recce, so we went ahead with it. And then the wind came. And more wind. And even more wind. Our carefully styled wigs started looking messy within the first half hour of the shoot and we just... Gave up fighting the wind and continued on until the end. Many thanks to :icondaidairo: for being our one and only helper. She ended up restyling Bishamon's hair as it had become very tangled. Everyone helped a bit and it became a running joke as we would find random strands of blonde wig hair everywhere (pockets, clothes, even in the camera bag). Feeling a bit sad because this is probably the last time I'll be doing Kofuku, but at least we finally managed to get a particular money shot. XD

Many thanks to Admund who had to jump-kick a few times for the right angle. The terrified face on :icondevilaurora: is real, he was close to being actually kicked LOL. But his expression game was really high for this shoot. ><b This scene is inspired by chapter 6 of the manga, where Yato cons Kofuku into lending him money, but Daikoku will have none of his nonsense.

Noragami: Kofuku Gets Scammed by ruby-hearts
(click to enlarge)

More photos: [Link to gallery]

Looking forward to more cosplays this year! Hope to get at least one more shoot completed. ^^
K Project movie debuts these couple of months! We prepared a tribute to this great anime/manga series.

"The Start of Everything" - A photo story showcasing the life (and death) of Totsuka Tatara. A murder that reveals a more sinister truth in the world of K Project.

The full album is uploaded here: The Start of Everything

A huge THANK YOU to my team for making this mini project possible! From discussing the concept over milkshakes on that fateful evening, to planning and the actual execution, and then rushing to edit the photos within the week. This was supposed to be a feels shoot, but we had too much fun during the "life" part hahaha. Looking forward to watching the movie when it's out!

Yata Misaki - Ruby Hearts :iconruby-hearts:
Totsuka Tatara - Shiina :iconmiiin04:
Kusunagi Izumo - Sheng Yang :iconreborn2008:

Photography by: Nicholas Mak (Maze)
Edited by: Shiina

Special thank you to our Helper / Voice activated light stand / Behind the scenes / Murderer stunt double:
Gregory Yap :icondevilaurora:

No Blood! No Bone! No Ash!

(P.S.) Much love to all the new Watches and Faves for my recent RWBY cosplay photos! I promise more coming up, I'm still editing. ^^;
The year 2013 just sneaked past and now we're already in the year 2014, with Chinese New Year coming up soon. As usual, the majority of events stacks up towards the end of the year. I haven't been so busy for a while! On top of that, I was balancing my work, which was very demanding on my time and energy. I had to postpone some plans to be practical.

1) Lightning from Final Fantasy: Dissidia Duodecim, at AFA SG 2013

The biggest project from last year would be the Final Fantasy: Dissidia Duodecim team (with Counter-Identity), for Anime Festival Asia 2013 (AFA 2013) in Singapore. We had a couple of photoshoots a few weeks before the event. Let's just say, it's crazy logistically trying to get 27 people together at the same time. The photos are still undergoing edits, or at least the softcopies are not with me, so I'm not able to share much. The (wonderfully patient) 200sheets  shared some of the pictures on his dA, including one of my cosplay as Lightning.

Lightning : Final Fantasy XIII by 200sheets
Click to enlarge

Our huge team attracted quite a crowd at the venue, and 8bit-wonderland mentioned it was only the second time in his life he had to shout at people to get out of his way. XD Check out the official event group photo here.

Alexander.Y  also shot a very nice omake group photo (click here to view).

Lightning was one of my personal challenges. I have some friends to thank for making this possible, especially Daniel (who happens to live nearby) for coming over to help put the finishing touches. This project proved that no matter how long you plan ahead, cosplayers always procrastinate. ^^;

2) Comic Fiesta 2013 (KL, Malaysia)

We went to Comic Fiesta again! This year was easier because we knew what to book in terms of transport and accommodation, and there was no longer the fear of the unknown. Or so we thought. We were forced to use a different bus company on the way to Kuala Lumpur because our original choice didn't have the timing we wanted. Somehow, we were given a free "upgrade" of the bus, which basically meant nicer furnishing at the expense of not having a toilet onboard. Which meant more frequent rest stops, reaching KL later, and flagging for taxis in the rain to rush to the hotel to check in.

Originally, I wanted to cosplay Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss, but it was impossible to complete her costume in time so I ended up doing Pokemon on both days. Day 1, I paired with DevilAurora to do N x Touko from Pokemon Black and White. Day 2, teamed with DevilAurora and reborn2008 to do Pokemon champions (me as Cynthia, Greg as Red, Sheng Yang as Steven). We also met with Endo Rianka who joined our team as Blue (aka Green). We bumped into a few photographer friends, including Zhirong (Foxfoo), Clement, Xeno-Photography  , Kenneth (PopCulture Online). They snapped a few shots for us, but otherwise we don't really have many pictures from this event. I will probably upload one or two in the coming weeks.

Merry Christmas!

Unglam selfie with Pokemon champions team. To this day, we're still guessing what the things in Cynthia's hair are.

N x Touko selfie.

e e v e e l u t i o n s by circus-usagi
Picked up some art, including this super adorable Eeveelutions postcard by circus-usagi . Look at those faces! >w<

I'm working on a lot of cosplans this year, especially for Final Fantasy and Tales of series. Aside from that, there are some shoots planned, including one coming up this weekend. Looking forward! :) I've also had some amount of changes in my personal life, so things should start improving from now. In the meantime, budgeting for the year for all the upcoming games, like Tales of Symphonia. ><
Lots of updates ahead! It's been a busy few months. ^^

Somewhere along the way, I flew to Shanghai with :iconhoshistar91: and :iconinu-cos: to cosplay at CCG Expo 2013, but that deserves a post of its own.

Here's some updates from the recent photoshoots and events!

1) Pokemon Black and White: N x White photoshoot

The ferris wheel scene in Pokemon Black and White is very important because this is when N reveals his true status as the king of Team Plasma. It's also good fodder for the imaginations of N x White shippers everywhere (us included XD).

The haze back in the middle of the year wasn't doing anyone a favour. Our carefully planned ferris wheel shoot almost had to be cancelled, because there would be no point going up the flyer with nothing but white haze as a background. Plus, they would halt operations of the flyer for health and safety reasons if the PSI level was too high. :( Thankfully, the haze cleared up a few days before the shoot date. :)

:icondevilaurora: was my N, and Nicholas was our photographer. :iconnegi-bozou: was still in Singapore (and very bored) during this time so he helped out by taking care of our bags while we went for the flyer ride. We headed to the flyer early and managed to beat the crowd of tourists to get an empty capsule! :D But the ride itself was very short, less than the advertised 30min. :( We were scrambling inside to get as many shots in as possible, and because there was no camera assistant, Nicholas had to do everything on his own. Seeing the shots now, I would say it was definitely all worth it. :D The photos can be seen in both of our galleries.

Behind the scenes:

One of my favourite photos from the shoot (click to enlarge):
Pokemon BW: Riding Together by DevilAurora


Pokemon BW: The Ferris Wheel by DevilAurora Pokemon BW: Touko - Onboard The Ferris Wheel by ruby-hearts Pokemon BW: Do you feel the same? by ruby-hearts

Full galleries:
N - :icondevilaurora:
Touko - :iconruby-hearts:

2) Baroque Works at Cosfest 2013

I finally cosplayed one of my dream cosplans, the Alabasta version of Nico Robin from One Piece! This is Nico Robin's original costume from when she was still with Baroque works. Special thanks goes out to :iconnegi-bozou: for staying up with me to help complete the costume. ^^ I really owe you one!

Admund was my Mr 0 (Sir Crocodile), and :iconreborn2008: was... Mr 2 (Bon Clay). Til now, I'm not sure whether or not to feel impressed or horrified that my friend can look exactly like Mr 2. ._.

There was an awesome Rayleigh Silvers cosplayer! We took a picture with him, and only later realised he was Tatsumi Inui, the head of Cure.

I was curious and poked his beard. ^^;

He was very friendly and explained in English that he made it by sticking on wig hair with eyelash glue.

One Piece: Baroque Works - Miss All-Sunday by ruby-hearts Miss All-Sunday - Kneel by ruby-hearts One Piece: Baroque Works - Fearless by ruby-hearts

Full gallery: Click here

3) Tomb Raider at STGCC 2013

I was intending to skip STGCC this year because it clashed with my work schedule, but when that weekend suddenly freed up, I decided to push out my delayed cosplan. Lara Croft from the game Tomb Raider Reborn! Yup, it's the new one, where she has a bow and icepick, not her signature double pistols.

I'm surprised and glad to see that this cosplay was very well received! There were lots of people who called out to me to ask for a picture. Some passers-by just exclaimed, "Lara!" or "Tomb Raider!". It's always a nice feeling when your character is recognised. ^w^

I'm planning a proper photoshoot for this, and am looking forward to getting this costume completely dirty and trashed (not enough dirt at the convention!). I've also mentally prepared myself that I may need to dispose of my weapons after. It's a really comfortable costume, so maybe I will cosplay Tomb Raider again at another gaming event this year. ^^

My Tomb Raider cosplay is featured in:
IGN Asia - Full article here. A bigger size of the image can be viewed on their Facebook photo gallery (direct link to photo here)

POPCulture Online - Facebook photo gallery (direct link to photo here)
I recently did photoshoots for two male characters, Yata Misaki from K project, and Todo Heisuke from Hakuoki.

Honestly, I much prefer cosplaying female characters. But I felt I suited Misaki, and as for Heisuke, he's my favourite character from the game.

K project was one of last season's trending anime, and once my group of friends started watching, we immediately formed a team. Originally I was asked to cosplay Anna, but I totally don't fit her at all. ^^; Misaki is just a few cm taller than me, and naturally I have the fierce expression (not sure if good or bad, when applied to real life OTL). I'm very glad I got to cosplay him, because he became more and more interesting as the show progressed.

Costume-wise, Misaki was obviously much easier to settle. The headphones are not my best piece of work, but we were short on time. The rest of the costume was SO COMFORTABLE because it's loose-fitting. For Heisuke, I had to get a lot of help with the wig-styling from Yuki, :icontempura-sushi: and :iconinu-cos:. Another lesson learned that extensions are definitely easier to work with.

We'll be doing another shoot for K soon, this time with all the clans together. Looking forward to sharing some group and interaction shots!

K: Yata Misaki - Motion by ruby-hearts Hakuouki: Todo Heisuke - Ponder by ruby-hearts

Links to gallery:
K - Yata Misaki -…
Hakuouki - Todo Heisuke -…
The next official cosplay event would be held in either June or July... Until then, maybe I can arrange a photoshoot or two.

In the meantime, I've been playing games. Which has only led to adding more characters onto my cosplans! Haha! Combining two of my favourite hobbies in life, games and cosplay, not a very bad idea at all. ^w^ But I don't want to be categorised as just a game cosplayer, since my interests vary.
I've always preferred to only cosplay characters or series that I know/like, so that I can do them justice. Also, there's no point in cosplaying if there's no passion involved. I don't want to go down the route of only choosing characters that are popular for the sake of, well, popularity, if I don't understand or like them at all.

Last year, my interest in Final Fantasy was piqued after being invited to join the Type 0 team. While FF has been around for years, I've been late to the party in a way. My memories of FF are of the old-school Tactics Ogre type of games, where everything was on the GBA. I have fuzzy memories of FFX-2, when I saw posters of YRP on my childhood friend's wall (we hung out a lot to game, but never touched FF). I only started playing the newer releases after procuring a PSP (before I cosplayed Seven, so I could try Type 0), and thereafter tried a few other FF games on console (I have many friends to thank for making this possible).

Needless to say: I. Am. In. LOVE.

The music, the story, the characters, the visuals... All amazing. How did I go all these years without diving headfirst into the series?

The woes of a deprived gamer. :/
Event: Comics Fiesta 2012
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) (Malaysia)
Date: 22 December (Sat) and 23 December (Sun)
22 Dec: Cheren from Pokemon Black and White
23 Dec: Girl / Mei from Pokemon Black and White 2

My first overseas cosplay!!! :D It was so fun heading to Malaysia with my close cosplay friends (or cospals, as I secretly refer to them as). This trip was at least half a year in the making, and I'm very glad it went off without a hitch. ^^

Considering our limited luggage space, a few of us decided to cosplay characters from the Pokemon series. :icondevilaurora: (N on day 1 and Hugh/Hyu on day 2), :iconreborn2008: (Boy/Touya/Black on day 1 and Colress on day 2), and I had planned long ago to be teammates for both days, while Toshiro and :iconjunichi-san: joined us on the first day as Blue/Gary and Volkner respectively. The best part about cosplaying pokemon is that you can reuse the same prop for both days, and pokeballs don't take up that much space in the first place, haha.

Best teammates ever! And all three of us crazy about pokemon. XD

There are too many nice pictures and great memories, so I'm still sorting through them. I look forward to sharing them once compiled!

(P.S.) Thanks :icondevilaurora: for teaching me how to add images into journal entries!
Event: EOY 2012
Venue: Marina Barrage (Singapore)
Date: 9 December 2012 (Sun)
Cosplaying: Nico Robin (Water 7/Enies Lobby version) from One Piece

A little backdated post for EOY 2012...

I recosed my very first cosplay, Nico Robin from One Piece! This version of her costume is rather simple, however I was determined to make it look better than my original attempt. I feel that I've improved since the past nine to ten months. :)

Photo by: Ken Koh (POPCulture Online)

The wig is a little messy thanks to the wind, but I feel I look a lot more confident now. :) Also feel that the makeup looks more natural, and more 'Robin'. ^^

I'm not sure if I will be reusing this costume so soon again, as I'm planning to cosplay her other versions. But, it's still a good way to reflect on my growth as a cosplayer.

As a side note, Marina Barrage makes for a great backdrop for photoshoots, except that everyone will melt by the end of the day. x_x
Just a quick note to mention that I've just added some photos from my recent shoot for Julia Chang. These were taken the week before I left for Comics Fiesta in Malaysia. I'm glad this was completed before the trip, because I ate an unhealthy amount of snacks and ice cream during the trip. ^^;

The shoot went great and we escaped the impending afternoon rain. I wish I could have done Julia justice by performing some of her signature moves, however, the costume (specifically the skirt) made it really difficult to move around in. >< Game logic, where everyone can fight and move like water in costumes that defy the laws of physics. The entire costume is self-made, with the exception of the boots (modified an existing pair of boots instead of making boot covers from scratch). I realised that making a costume on your own gives a sense of pride and accomplishment, which makes all the time and tears spent during the process worth it. Overall, I'm pleased with the end result. :)

I'll update a bit more on EOY and Comics Fiesta later! Still have lots of holiday errands to run. ><
Event: Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA 2012)
Venue: Singapore EXPO (Singapore)
Date: 10 November 2012 (Sat) and 11 November (Sun)
10 Nov: Seven from Final Fantasy: Type-0
11 Nov: Julia Chang from Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

It's been three months since my last update, and about a month since AFA! So here's a quick post.

After more than six months of preperation, my team debuted Final Fantasy: Type-0. Our team also included a few first-time cosplayers, so throughout the process we had to help them with making the props and shoulder armour. Despite a few hiccups (any project that goes on for an extended period of time is sure to have issues), we managed to pull together everything in time for the event!

AFA itself was CRAZY. Imagine people queueing for hours to get in, only to have their places in line made obsolete by the mad (otaku) zerg rush once the doors flew open. Most people ran straight for the Sword Art Online booth to grab the limited edition merchandise. I don't follow the series, so I went over to the Pokemon booth. I got myself a Snivy plushie (so I don't have to borrow :iconlittle-kaiyou-kame:'s one again), and tried my luck with the rubber mate keychain. I was hoping to get N or the Girl, but I got the Boy. :/ I was also tempted to get the giant Snorlax plushie, but I felt it was too small. Definitely huggable, but not massive enough to warrant swapping it with my other plushies. :iconreborn2008: and was stuck in the SAO booth line, so :icondevilaurora: ran over to the AFA booth that was at the other end of the hall. To his surprise, he discovered there was no queue! So he managed to grab some t-shirts (and now complains that he has way too many).

Highlights of the day would be meeting Reika and Kaname! Reika was walking around the halls like a normal cosplayer, but the minders from AFA that kept close by made her very conspicuous. She was really friendly and took pictures with us. :) As for Kaname, I had to run all the way to the K booth to catch his scheduled appearance and made it just in time for the last 10 minutes. He looked really good as Fushimi! While walking with :iconreborn2008:, suddenly we spotted a familiar face. "Is that FLOW?", :iconreborn2008: asked aloud. Then one stranger turned around and replied, "Yes," then continued following them.

Although we didn't get to talk to FLOW then, we got to catch them 'live' at the Anisong concert! At first, I didn't plan on attending the concerts as it was expensive. I had tickets for TM Revolution, in the hopes he would perform Heart Of Sword, the ending theme song for Rurouni Kenshin anime (the movie is fantastic by the way!). I practically went nuts in my seat when he really did perform it. <3 The second day, I was convinced by :iconyuuka-rei:, :iconreborn2008: and :icondevilaurora: that it would be worth it as it featured many artistes. And it was really fun! I'm glad I decided to join them. The tickets for the third day were sold out, but my friend had an extra ticket so I managed to watch it as well. In total, that's three nights worth of screaming and jumping. Our voices were gone and our limbs aching at the end of it all, but I would do it all over again (except maybe buy a three-day ticket as it's cheaper).

That wraps up a really fun AFA 2012! The only unfortunate event would be that :iconlittle-kaiyou-kame:'s jacket was stolen. :( I can't believe that people would actually go out of their way to steal a costume! She was really upset about it, especially since she put in a lot of effort and money to make the costume. Please be careful at future events and take care of your belongings. This is a timely reminder since quite a number of us will be travelling to Malaysia for Comics Fiesta 2012.
Event: The Games Xpo 2012 (TGX 2012)
Venue: Singapore EXPO (Singapore)
Date: 8 September 2012 (Sat)
Cosplaying: Kagerou (Kagehoshi) from Flame Of Recca

YEAH! I had a blast on Saturday! ^_^ I woke up super early to make sushi for the team and to do makeup, before heading to our preparation headquarters. It was really fun to meet so many new people, and to finally cosplay FLAME OF RECCA! I've been dreaming of cosplaying this series since my teenage years, so when :iconreborn2008: told me there was an opening in the team, I immediately said 'yes'. We had the full Hokage team (Recca, Domon, Fuuko, Yanagi, Mikagami, Koganei, Kagerou) and a few main Kureha members (Neon, Raiha, Joker). Unfortunately, our Kurei fell sick on the morning of the event, so we were lacking our main villain. :/ We were also supposed to have Aoi as we were cosplaying the later part of the series, but due to unexpected circumstances, our Aoi coser had to sub for Joker for that day. We were such a huge group that we took a while to prepare and reached the event pretty late, but we had lots of fun in the remaining hours. :) My only qualm about being Kagerou would be... Her clothing!!! Two people asked if I was cosplaying a nun. -_-" If I had the chance to pick another character, I would want to try cosplaying Fuuko or Neon, as I love their tough as nails personality. There was a Flame Of Recca fan who was really happy to see our team, and I'm glad we made his day too. ^_^ If I were in his position, I would be really excited too, as Flame Of Recca is a really old series that most of this generation wouldn't know.

OH! And I saw a few Pokemon cosplayers! The Mei from STGCC was there with a Black 2 and White 2 version Cheren, which means... She does know the series? o_O  I'm the kind that would talk to anyone who has the same interest as me, but I guess most cosplayers just don't like talking to strangers. >.< In any case, it's always nice to see a renewed interest in Pokemon.

In unrelated news, I met :iconfreckledsmile: and we both squee'd over the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin movie (international release TBA)! She was suggesting to watch it in full cosplay (I wonder if the theatre would allow swords <_< ). I've been looking forward to this since last year, so fingers crossed that they play it in Singapore.
Just a short entry... I'm happy! My Cheren cosplay from STGCC 2012 was featured on POPCulture Online! Some of my close friends' cosplays were also featured in the same article! You can view the photos here:…

Tomorrow is The Games Xpo (TGX) 2012 at Singapore Expo. Looking forward to it as I will be cosplaying with a big team, mostly :iconreborn2008:'s friends that I will be meeting for the first time. Fingers crossed for fine weather!
1) Event: International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) 2012
Venue: Convention Centre, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)
Date: 26 August 2012 (Sun)
Cosplaying: Perona from One Piece

2) Event: Singapore Toys Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) 2012
Venue: Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
Date: 1 and 2 September 2012 (Sat and Sun)
Cosplaying: Cheren from Pokemon Black & White (2 Sep)

It has been a crazy busy two weeks! Last week was the inaugural ICDS, and over the weekend was STGCC.

1) ICDS 2012
I was really excited about ICDS as it's the first cosplay event that seems to give equal coverage to both Eastern and Western cosplay. Although I've only cosplayed anime characters, I'm very much a fan of Western games and pop-culture. I was contemplating whether to cosplay as they announced the details rather late and the date is close to other upcoming events. I got attracted to the idea of going onto the cosplay runway, as I've never tried it before and wanted to experience it. Long story short, I registered for the runway, and also convinced :iconjunichi-san: to do the same. Both of our applications were accepted!

On the day itself, I prepared my Perona cosplay. This time, I wore gray-coloured contact lenses (couldn't do it previously as somehow my eyes were too dry) and spammed more eyeliner to make the eyes larger. My parents decided to come along and see what the fuss was all about, and to help me take pictures, so I got a ride there. ^_^ Help with transport is really useful when you have lots of bulky props, weird hair colours and thick makeup. :iconjunichi-san: was still preparing his Ace tattoo when I got there, so I walked around by myself. I made friends with a girl who was cosplaying the 2Y later version of Perona, and also dropped by the Table Studio booth.

We had to report for the runway at 12.45pm sharp, and they grouped us according to series. There were only three One Piece cosplayers, the both of us plus a Luffy that we made friends with. In order to save time and make the flow of the event more efficient, they gave us the option of going out together or solo, so we decided to go as a group. In less than two minutes, the stage time was over, but it was still a really fun experience! I didn't really see many of my other friends at the event, I think most of them were tired out from Natsu Matsuri that took place the day before, or were preparing for the other events. Toshiro was there as Grell from Kuroshitsuji, and took part in the cosplay competition. There weren't many entries for the competition, which made my parents suggest that I join the next time, until they realised it's not that easy. Maybe one day...

We were really hungry towards the end of the day, so Toshiro, :iconjunichi-san:, my sister and me went for dinner. Only later at night did we learn that the cosplayers did Gangnam Style on stage to wrap up the closing of the event. ARGH so epic and we missed seeing it with our own eyes! I've always thought it would be really funny to have cosplayers doing Gangnam Style. Yes, you can brick me now. >_<

2) STGCC 2012
STGCC 2012 was held at Marina Bay Sands. As expected, there were tons of curious stares from tourists. On day 1, I met up with :icondevilaurora: and the rest. We reached MBS at about 11am, but since they had to prepare their cosplay, we only ended up heading into the convention centre at almost 1pm. I wasn't cosplaying on day 1 as I had to head elsewhere in the afternoon. There wasn't really much to do, mostly just walk around and look at all the merchandise for sale. Much love for :iconlittle-kaiyou-kame: who kindly let us use the :iconcircus-usagi: booth on both days as our HQ! They had good business despite us causing a ruckus everytime we were around, haha!

Day 2 was more fun, as there was the cosplay catwalk to watch, and PIKO's performance. And I was cosplaying as Cheren from Pokemon! My first cross-play, and also first time trying this character. Cheren was :iconreborn2008:'s idea, and his instinct was right as my face shape suited the character. The best touch was the glasses, which he lent me as well. Compared to Perona, this was a much easier cosplay. Props-wise, I used my home-made pokeball, a store-bought Cinccino plushie, modified shoes, and of course, the glasses. I left Cinccino at the booth and borrowed their Snivy instead, as that's the starter pokemon (I don't have any starter pokemon plushies :( ). It was comfortable walking around, but I doubt I have much pictures as pokemon is not really that recognisable or popular compared to other games/anime. I did catch the attention of some real fans, but that's about it. I consider this cross-play successful as not many people could recognise me, hehe. Although they could still tell I was female. :/ I took pictures with a Pikachu cosplayer and Mei from Pokemon B2W2, but I don't think they play Pokemon B&W as they didn't have any reaction whatsover when they saw me. Oh well, I guess it will be more obvious (and fun!) when I cosplay with a team, maybe do a photoshoot? *pokes :icondevilaurora: and :iconreborn2008:*
Event: Cosfest XI
Venue: Downtown East, D'Marquee (Singapore)
Date: 7 July 2012 (Sat)
Cosplaying: Perona from One Piece

Had a blast yesterday at Cosfest XI! :D Having great team members does really make the experience better. ^.^ We had Brook (:iconreborn2008:), Luffy (:icontempura-sushi:), Nami (:iconinu-cos:), Ace (:iconjunichi-san:) and randomly adopted a Sanji who was alone. XD

Costume and shoes held up well, but my crown kept wanting to fall off. T-T My friends tried using pins and masking tape but it still can be seen in some of the pics. Purely my own fault because I forgot to install pins at the bottom and realised it too late. My umbrella (self-made! very proud of it) was really heavy because it has two layers of cloth, so now my shoulders and arms ache like mad. x_x Also, because it was so crowded, I kept accidentally hitting people with it when I had it open. D: (Sorry!) Anyway, the handle got spoilt so I have to redo it. :/

There were so many One Piece cosplayers! :D There was even someone doing the exact same cosplay as me. But I didn't get a chance to talk to her or take pics together. Today, there's supposed to be an even larger group. We're talking three Admirals, Seven Warlords (well, almost all of them... No Moira, but there's Boa Hancock, Hawkeyes Mihawk), Mugiwara Pirates (not sure if full strength, but there will be Zoro!), Marines, etc. Hope I manage to spot them! ^o^ I'm not cosplaying today, but going to assist some of my friends. Ah, wasted. :/ If not I can join the mega One Piece group. Should still be fun though!