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MOTU - Skeletor

These are some concept art designs I made, reinventing the villains from my all time favorite Masters of the Universe characters...

I hope you like them..:)

If anyone would like to have a shot at coloring one of these, be my guest! ;)
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This design just SCREAMS Sauron! I love it!

If they ever make another live action movie, please let them use your designs🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼!
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Wow, I really love your concepts! If you don't mind, I will definitely give some of these a try at coloring!
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Amazing!!!! If I could, I would put you as lead artist on the comic book....
I am a big fan of this design, great work!
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This should be the design for a live action version....

Phenometron's avatar
He's more appropriately dressed this time around.
blackbarn's avatar
I love how you gave him two swords. Cool redesign!
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I'd love to give it a shot :]
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Holy freaking cow!!! Your stuff is amazing!!!
Καλύτερο Σκέλετορρρρρρ δεν έχω ξαναδεί! Αζ Ιτ σούλντ μπι κι έτσι
θυμάσαι καθόλου την ταινία;
Αποθήκευση σε Εικόνες/Ζωντανοί νεκροί, νεκρομάντες και σκηνές μάχης με αυτούς/Λίχ
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This is awesome. I would love to see you do a version of Kobra Khan and the other Snake Men.
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I also love how you incorporated some of the Horde symbols in this design. It shows he was once Hordak's pupil, but has the power to create his own empire.
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don't think i didn't notice you have some horde symbols scattered all on his outfit. nice homage to his days as an apprentice...
somebody should colour it, would really add to the piece
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Now that's a scary lookin' Skeletor! :thumbsup:
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Now that is a WICKED looking Skeletor! Great redesign man. I would love to see this colored in sometime!
GarbageChuteFlyboy's avatar
I really hate to point this out from an otherwise flawless drawing, but the lips just ruin the face.

Otherwise, it is a great depiction of the character.
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I really enjoy your pencil work, man. You've got really slick mark making. And these MOTU designs are pimp. They retain fidelity to the source material while realizing what this stuff looked like in my imagination as a kid.
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I like it.
Did you draw Adora?
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He looks a lot more formidable this way than he did in the cartoon.Great work.
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This looks great! i would love to see this design brought to life!
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omg this skeletor is sick as hell. this is truly menacing
CoryHandelong's avatar
now that is a dude to be scared of! awesome!
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