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Bionicle 2015: The Coming of the Toa 2

Bionicle - Lego

Original cover by Ashley Wood
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Great work. Keep it up
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Wow, the style of this cover and the 2015 animation really work well, I'm impressed.
Stop making me sob, dammit. Them feels... X(
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So Badass. I'd love to have this as a poster.
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Another cool one :D
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Awesome combination of the two styles!
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I wasn't expecting someone to do this. Now that it has been done.. I'm just.. it's just...

..Amazing. You really nailed it. Two bio-mechanical thumbs up!
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The return and rebirth of the legend.
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6 heroes 1 destiny 
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I second that one
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Funny that I stumbled upon this on pixiv and now I've seen it here.
Fantastic! It's amazing how seamlessly you've blended the 2015 animation style with the expressive, high-contrast style of the original cover.
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