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August 7, 2009
Monster Birthday by ~plasticmice The suggester writes: "It has to be the simplicity of this that makes it so awesome - the simple but clever concept and the simple but skillful way in which it was created. What makes me giggle is that this fearful monster has a pink candle, a wonderfully devious touch by the artist."
Featured by savagebinn
Suggested by Pixel-Spotlight
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Monster Birthday

It's your birthday today! You know who you are! n__n

I have to wait until Monday for mine! No fair! : P
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Dawn007's avatar
I just love it, it's just monstruously cute !!!! But I hope we will manage to eat it though ;)
casey64's avatar
Eating a cake such as this could lead to massive indigestion. ;)
paperdollxdecays's avatar
:wave: I have Featured your work here [link]
duschkraem's avatar
duschkraem's avatar
AgentTexas's avatar
It's been featured! - [link]
satanspawn80's avatar
This is the most scary-cute thing that I've ever seen and I love it. I wouldn't have complained if I'd got one of these yesterday lol. I love it so much I've featured it in my latest journal entry if you don't mind?
blizatrex's avatar
this cake would be awesome to see made in a real cake
devilishlysweetplus's avatar
I featured your pic here [link] - if you'd like it taken down, just shoot me a note :dance:
goRillA-iNK's avatar
I love it. I wanna make one out of sculpy clay. I am feeling inspired. Thank you.
WonTawn's avatar
Awesome cake design :]
Also, Monday is my birthday too! :iconlegaspplz:
JREdwards's avatar
Almost as scary as horror hanukah latkas
Nerdzgangsta's avatar
Eat it before it eats you.
xxxMinxKittyxxx1031's avatar
cheesecakebanshee's avatar
Is it wrong to think that this looks delicious?
Pinkidiot9's avatar
Im happy the cake is a lie now.... knowing it could eat me.
lol love it! It kind of reminds me of the Mutant/Monster Brownies from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Millowcase's avatar
Haha, so creepy, I'm liking it. :)
Awesome job!
VenomaShockwave's avatar
this should so be one of the flan monsters from Final Fantasy XII.. xDD lol
EllieTheSmuggler's avatar
I wanna a Monster chocolate cake with chesnut candies of "evil"

Oh i baked "devil cookies" in the fire of hell. Do you wanna some
imsoyellow's avatar
Choclate monster cakee<3
This is cutee, do you do free request?
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