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Bad Clusters

Sorry, I haven't been around much.

It's that time of year again.

Cluster Headaches really aren't much fun 0___o
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Ugh, I've never heard of cluster headaches until now.

I suffer from agonizing migraines, so I understand a little of what you must go through. =/
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Migraines are nasty things! Sadly, I think you have to be part of the club to appreciate how evil they can get. It's just a shame we don't get some kind of swanky button too. Or maybe a nice hat? :gadget:
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They need more emoticons with crazy eyes! :omg:
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So simple, yet so unique and BRILLIANT!
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Aww, thanks :aww:
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Sorry to hear about the clusters. That really REALLY sucks. Hope they go away! This little guy seems to know how terrible they are.

-D :neom:
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I think the worst has passed. Hopefully things will settle down inside my skull now... Although not too much. These doodles probably spawn at every new brain quake! :stupidme:
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That's good. I hope it's a good long time before the next one. :)

-D :neom:
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