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tra-ta-ta tra-ta-ta mi vezem s soboy kota, chijika sobaku, pet'ku zabiyaku, obez'yanu, popuhaya, vot companiya kokaya!

he he, never mind
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Hello everypony!
I'd like to kick the ball rolling by saying this: I haven't seen very many 'Rainbow Dash reading Daring Do' pictures, and the very few I have seen don't compare to this work of art.

Let's start with the Vision - I like the idea of Rainbow lying on the books instead of finding a chair to sit on, it's completely in her character to be lazy about that sort of thing and you can see in her eyes that she's too absorbed in the book to care. Something that's niggling at the back of my brain however is that I don't really know why she's on the ground, in the episode she was embarrassed at being seen reading and being thought of as an 'egghead' but since it is resolved in the episode and her being on the ground adds to the picture I'll let it go.

Originality - As I mentioned earlier I haven't seen many 'Rainbow Dash reading Daring Do' fanarts although it is a popular theme in Fanfics for Rainbow Dash meeting Daring Do/cosplaying as Daring etc. I think the reason I find this picture brilliant is that it's different in the way Rainbow is reading, on her stomach below a tree without a care in the world. I don't feel like I can justify giving it a 4.5 or higher just because it's such a obvious thing to do, even if you have spiced it up by having her reading somewhere else then I personally expected.

Technique - Not much to say here, the use of different shapes in the tree gives it a realistic feel without drawing the attention away from Rainbow too much and the detail and shading of her and the books pick her out from the bright background without being to jarring. The houses and bushes/trees are also simple without losing their warm touch.

Impact- As a bit of a bookworm myself this is a perfect reminder that you can get lost in a book whoever you are. Even the most reluctant to read can find the perfect story if they look hard enough and I'm sure that reading Daring's stories have helped Dash find her own bravery sometimes.