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Published: July 8, 2015
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Here come's the cho-cho... Pain train!

Первая версия этого рисунка была более крутой, но учитывая, что поезда я рисую из рук вон плохо, то там вся перспектива пошла по бороде. Тут же динамики нет, но зато поезд норм. Вообщем все как обычно. 
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im getting a spirted away vibe from this with a little bit of polar express
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South-WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
Fluttershy: Well, are you coming?... I mean, if you want to that is.
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¿Resident Eviel Zero?
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Fluttershy mane is pink, not purple.
- A pegasus that looks like a grown up Scootaloo
- A train in the middle of a forest

 To me is a "return to the future 3" quote XP
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TrevorRainHobbyist Writer
Rublegun seems to add their own artistic license to character color. I actually enjoy this. I like seeing Octavia with a darker hide.
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But her cutie mark is three butterflies, like Fluttershy's. The purple-ish mane must be from unnatural lighting.
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Scoot hasn't her cutie mark yet and no one has never said that two different ponies can't share the same cutie mark (or at last very similar ^^)
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True, but look at Sweetie Belle's mane, which is supposed to be pink, but has the same shade of purple as the conductor's hair, meaning it might be pink.
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Maybe you're right.
I've checked some detail on scoot; she has purple eyes and the train mare has blue eyes as Fluttershy.

-_- uff.. a mare from the future as a more exciting idea XP
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Oh! I didn't even notice that! Nice catch! But yeah it would!
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cosmofurHobbyist Digital Artist
Well we do know that fluttershy has experience as a train fireman...ehhh firemare...from "mystery on the mmmmmmm express" so perhaps she's taken up a new part time job. Odd for the most "nature lover pony" to take up the most industrial style job we know off in ponyvill, so perhaps that's what got the CMCs so shocked?
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Awesome work!
CMC Train Conductors YAY!!!! :D
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This won't end well for the CMC... ^^; :XD:
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AplReachStudent General Artist
Флаттершай...машинист локомотива...компании "Юнион Паника"...мои усилия понять провалились с треском!
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Потрясающие цвета
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Jesper6Hobbyist Writer
Who's the conductor? She looks like Scoots!
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ultimate-galaxyStudent Traditional Artist
fluttershy , look at the cutiemark 
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RailphotosHobbyist General Artist
That looks amazing! 
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Ep0nym0usHobbyist Writer
Union Panic... a pun on Union Pacific?  .3.
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RubleGunHobbyist Digital Artist
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Jayhawkman2010Hobbyist Photographer
The only thing missing is the UPRR shield lol. Good work!
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
The three fillies known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders trotted through the nightly forest. It was dark around them, pitch-black even. The moon stood in the sky, but it's gentle light was blocked out by thick, black clouds. It was cold around them and it was to expect that it would soon start to rain, but the three friends continued nonetheless, to find what they came for here.....

Sweetie Belle shivered. "It's gotten so cold. Can't we go home? We're here for hours already....."
"Not now!", Scootaloo answered and fluttered her wings. "The old train station can't be far away anymore. I'm sure we're almost there!", the adventurous pegasus replied excitedly.
Applebloom just nodded in agreement, the excitement in her face not any less weaker than in Scootaloo's.
"I know, but..... we will just catch a cold if we stay here longer. And I don't think we will get our cutie marks for having a runny nose."
"What's that?", Applebloom suddenly pointed ahead. The clouds had continued their restless journey over the sky and the moon casted it's light over the forest again. A few meters away, in front of a tree, they saw the shape of a pony. Only it's head was different. It looked..... weird.
Curiously to what another pony did in this forest late at night they trotted closer. As the pony was better in sight, they stopped and surprised glances appeared on their faces as they saw that it's a pony they knew.
"Fluttershy? What are you doing here?", Sweetie Belle asked baffled.
The three of them were surprised. They knew how easy to scare Fluttershy was and that she would never enter a forest at night without good reasons. Especially if said forest was rumored to have an abandoned, haunted train station in it's center.
"Hey girls!", she said, the conductor hat on her head shifting slightly as she cocked her head to the side.
"Hi.....", the three fillies said in unison, a bit hesitant. They didn't know what it was, but something seemed off to them. "W-What are you doing here?", Scootaloo asked, her voice stuttering a little.
"I could ask you the same", Fluttershy answered, a smile on her face.
It was a kind smile, but to the fillies, it looked devious. As they attempted to say something to Fluttershy again, they were suddenly blinded by a bright light flashing up to their left.
Looking aside, they saw a train. It's signal lights had just turned on and the driver's cab was illuminated too. The warm light pouring out of it looked almost like a fire was burning inside.
"Where did this train suddenly come from? Or was it always here?", Scootaloo asked, a dumb-struck expression on her face.
Ignoring her question, Fluttershy said: "It's time now."
The three Crusaders turned their heads towards her again. "Time for what?", Scootaloo asked her.
"For our journey", Fluttershy replied softly.
"Journey to where?"
"The journey into the nightmares."
The pupils of the three friends shrunk in size and they did a few steps back, their mouths distorted in horror over these words.
A sly grin appeared on Fluttershy's face. She flared out her wings and a second later, the fillies found themselves in one of the train wagons. Looking around scared, they noticed how the train set itself slowly into motion.
The three fillies approached the windows and began to beat against the glass to break them open and flee, but it was to no avail. They could ony helplessly watch how the train gathered speed on the invisible tracks.
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Haha the train's designation number is 1337. Haha I see what you did there.
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