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Where dreams come true on paper.
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Icons [200-400pts/$2.50-$5.00]
Shelby Icon commission by Rubixa-Seraph  Gothicdragonart Icon by Rubixa-Seraph  Esyra Seraph Icon by Rubixa-Seraph Takeo Icon by Rubixa-Seraph    Shay Icon by Rubixa-Seraph  Janna icon by Rubixa-Seraph  Mag Icon by Rubixa-Seraph   Hukaro Icon by Rubixa-Seraph  Icon Kotaru by Rubixa-Seraph   Icon Kotaru Redux by Rubixa-Seraph Icon Kotaru V3 by Rubixa-Seraph   Matt Icon by Rubixa-Seraph  Commission: Dragaura icon by Rubixa-Seraph 


Note: $2.50 for non-animated or blink+sparkle-only, $5.00 for animated (things other than blinking) icon. You'd be surprised at how hard it is sometimes to make sure an animated icon looks smooth but doesn't go over the file size limit.
Half-Body Shots [1200-1600pts/$15.00-$20.00]
Prisma Atlus: Arms Booster by Rubixa-Seraph     Ivan NPC by Rubixa-Seraph    Art Trade: Snipe that Note by Rubixa-Seraph 

Waist-up or any non-full-body

Sketches are $8
Full-Body shot [1600pts-2000pts/$20.00-$25.00]
Commission: Lykosmon by Rubixa-Seraph  LinK - Esyra Archangel Form by Rubixa-Seraph  Commission: Soheimon by Rubixa-Seraph 

(Background is an extra $10)

Colored and shaded. 

Full-body sketches are $13-$15
Headshot [800pts-1200pts/$10.00-$15.00]
Anything generally on a small-canvas that doesn't require anything below chest-level.

Sketches are $5
Chibis [1200pts-1600pts/$15.00-$20.00]
Chibi Sketches are $10

[I do Gaiaonline Avatars, too! Art Forum]


Rubixa-Seraph's Profile Picture
Ruby K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

About the Artist
Hello everyone! I go by Ruby (or Rubi, as my username is Rubixa-Seraph.)

I've been on DA for a decent amount of time now, and looking at the snapshots of memory in my mind, my DA page sure has changed, just like my art. (This profile page used to be a MESS of color and images.)

I'm a digital artist (b/c a single tablet is more affordable to me than constantly replacing traditional materials) but I greatly adore traditional art. ESPECIALLY pencil work or ink work. Markers are lovely, too.

Art has been in and out of my life...never a career but something I wish could just be what I can live for. For a long time, I did music, too. But a piano is even less affordable than art supplies, and besides, who wants to listen to me play 5-minute long classical pieces? Haha. Yes, I suck at play-by-ear. I'm your sight-reading pianist.

While art used to be an escape for me, it is now a means to catch up. The years of my childhood spent trying to draw in secret is finally over. The threat of being grounded for drawing no longer looms over my shoulder.

I am free.

Due to all I went through in order to get where I'm at in art, I will never give up on it, even if I can't devote my time to it. Determination is the ability to prevail over time; it is a disgrace for anyone to give up on something because they are dissatisfied with their progress. (Though with a full-time job, finding time to continue on art is a different story. Family first, after all.)

So now I will spend my time catching up to my best friend and rival, MoonPhyr , and spend lovely time with my fiance, Lunar-Oatmeal .

But I suppose I should say a few others things about myself. Hmm...Multi-faceted but clearly cracked in a few places. I come with my flaws, and some pretty troublesome quirks. I'm your reserved China-doll one moment, to a guns-blazing spitfire the next...or a melodramatic stuck up. I come with a severe case of "want to be everything but can't" and I should probably stop using a male character as my go-to "avatar". Oh, who am kidding? It's great to be a pretentious prince once in a while.


Find me also on:
I know I’m currently finishing up a few of my commissions and usually I don’t like to pile in more until I’m done, but I need $50 for some bus tickets by the end of this week. 

We want to go help family load up and drive to a new town they are moving to. It’s 10+ hours away and it’s a hell of a drive for the older folk. So any money to help knock off that price would be great!


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Wizbenorno Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take requests?
Rubixa-Seraph Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Only paypal commissions, sorry. If you want a sketch of something simple I can do one for $5.
PanaceaTheAnti-Venom Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!!!!
Rubixa-Seraph Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! :heart:
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