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River Dragon II O Ka Fee


I decided to re-draw one of my speedpainting, for my book project. Was fun to do. :)

J'ai décidé de reprendre un de mes anciens speedpainting, pour mon livre sur les dragons. C'était sympa de lui donner un nouveau souffle !

Here is the first version :


Medium : Coffee/Pigments/Inks

:coffeemachine: :heart:

FAQ : What is O Ka-Fée ?

O Ka-Fée is the term concerning all my paintings done with coffee. It concerns the way of painting and of obtaining textures with coffee. It's about projections of coffee, which once in stains on the sheet, undergo injections of pigments. (Powder, colorex, watercolor.)

Textures realized by coffee by drying (more or less sweetened) are unique, they are more interesting than those realized with water.
The coffee is a rather complex medium has to master, it's necessary to know its reactions to be able to manipulate it with pigments, we learn it every day.

O Ka-Fée also concern my graphic style and the whole universe which gets free of it. It's for that the term is my own brand. :)

Please, respect my universe and work.

:heart:/ Version FR

FAQ : Qu'est ce que O Ka-Fée ?

O Ka-Fée est le terme concernant mes peintures réalisées avec pour base de café. Il s'agit de la manière de peindre et d'obtenir des textures réalisées par le café. Dans un premier temps ce sont des projections de café dans lesquelles ensuite on injecte des pigments. (Poudres, colorex, aquarelle.)

Les textures réalisées par le café (plus ou moins sucré et selon la marque.) sont uniques, elles sont plus fortes et intéressantes que celles réalisées avec l'eau.

Le café est un médium complexe a maitriser, il est important de connaître ses réactions afin de les manipuler avec les pigments, on en apprend tous les jours de part ce médium.

O Ka-Fée concerne aussi mon univers et style graphique, ce sont souvent des peintures et univers libres, avec du mouvement et de la poésie.

Merci de respecter mon travail et univers.


More O Ka-Fée art from my Book project :

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I love your O Ka-Fée style.

The first thing that drew me in to click on this thumbnail was your use of colors. The contrast between the dull tans and the vivid red is just really overwhelming. My eyes were immediately drawn to the subject matter of the dragon. I mean, the introduction of coffee as a medium seems brilliant - not only acting as a color tint, but also as a blending agent. I think that the textures and use of the brown/tan coloring mix works very well here.

The textures given to it by the ink and coffee drips add a whole new dimension of depth, which I appreciate. It definitely lends itself to a watery image, consistent with what you would expect from a water dragon's environment. Leaving some white space to balance your composition out also helped. By separating the "surface" from the ink flow, I can visualize a landscape set around this habitat better than if it were all "under", per say.

Overall, you've created a very elegant and dreamy image. I feel like I could fall into it.

We are looking for somebody to help with a watercolor dragon painting. If you are interested, please contact me.

Alicia Lichens
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Beautiful colors!
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I'm loving the flow :D
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*o* *ne sait pas quoi dire d'autre* je suis éblouie. C'est magifique.
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This is beautiful!!!!
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I love your dragons. Your concepts are interesting, and your execution feels magical. :happybounce:
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Thanks so much for your comment, it's really appreciated !
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Such vivid colors! Beautiful! :heart:
RubisFirenos's avatar
Thanks for comment !
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Awesome! :thumbsup:
I love the curling waves and water... Makes me fancy some swimming!
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Thank you for your kind comment !
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No thanks, it's nothing. :)
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so cool! Love your work with the coffee :D
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This is so gorgeous ~ I love the fluid movement.

Really, really nice work!

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Je trouve que les effets "sous l'eau" sont mieux réussis que pour l'autre que tu avais déjà fait et tu as fait un très bon choix de couleurs! :)
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That is just fsghslzkgbaskdfbakb. woman this is amazing
Une maîtrise dans les formes, les couleurs et les textures. Une créatures fantastique au très bon design par ailleurs <3
Ton dessin est une brèche sur un autre monde, une abîme artistique terriblement enivrante.
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C'est vraiment incroyable! Les couleurs ainsi que la texture m'ont frappés.
Bravo! [link]
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Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire, c'est fort apprécié :)
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