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Galaxy Deer

The first one I forgot to update, the Deer :)

Medium : Inks/Watercolors/Acrylic (little PS edit)

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what app do u use

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Original, I like it :)
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This is beautiful, but the only thing I could think of when I saw this piece was LaurenzSide (because she’s Deer Queen Yaaaaaas and galaxy and stuff. I hope I’m not the only one here who thinks that ;-;)
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I love the idea with the stars 😍 so pretty! And the colouring is gorgeous!
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Dang, perfect art skills
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Stunning love the colour palette
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It's beautiful. I wish I had those skillz.
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I love drawing like that 👍😍
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*screams in gay*
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That was so amazing
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This is so aesthetically pleasing! Good job!
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This is pretty!
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Wow this is amazing. The colors look amazing. Wow!
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Delightful colours :D It looks great!
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Really like that color scheme.
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Really cool, and great choice of colors!
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Beautiful blending! 👍
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