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Dragon's Waves

Not my fav, don't like it, but decided to post it.

This one will be for sold in conventions.

Medium : Coffee/Pigments (and Watercolors)/Indian Ink

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the movement is fantastic. The chaos of the waves is a nice touch but the dragon does seem to compete for attention with the waves a bit. You just have to find a way to make that dragon really pop. Maybe with some more line work or detail in the scales or dumbing down the waves a bit.

I think the colors are a good contrast. Have you referenced any Japanese art prints? That would be a good resource for detail and line work. When I see this I immediately think of the classic Japanese wave print.…

hope this helps. Keep up the good work.
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Nice! That's gorgeous!

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LOVE the style!
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I just lovveee your use of colours! So inspiring *-*
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Glad you posted it.  Fantastic work :D
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So much detail; absolutely gorgeous. Love it! :3
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I think the waves are great! And the whole emotion of the picture is very powerful.
It's also bit funny, how, when an artist quite isn't fond of their work, the same piece can touch other souls. :)
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Beautiful work! Heart 
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really amazing!!
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Beautiful dragon and design!
I really like the fine line work!
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Had a dream like this, but it was an aquatic dragon surrounded by dragonflies and the sun filtering through crashing waves... Very cool to see, even if it's not one your favs, I think it's awesome~! 
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I love it!
Completely original!
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woah! Awesome! <3
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one of my favorites yet. i could really see this on my wall in my room !!!
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Dang this line work is on point
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