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Dragon Precious Thing O Ka Fee



I changed a little my coffee base, I find this new coffee more interesting ! :heart:


Medium : Coffee/Pigments

3 hours of patience. ^^

:coffeemachine: :heart:

FAQ : What is O Ka-Fée ?

O Ka-Fée is the term concerning all my paintings done with coffee. It concerns the way of painting and of obtaining textures with coffee. It's about projections of coffee, which once in stains on the sheet, undergo injections of pigments. (Powder, colorex, watercolor.)

Textures realized by coffee by drying (more or less sweetened) are unique, they are more interesting than those realized with water.
The coffee is a rather complex medium has to master, it's necessary to know its reactions to be able to manipulate it with pigments, we learn it every day.

O Ka-Fée also concern my graphic style and the whole universe which gets free of it. It's for that the term is protected by copyright. :)

Please, respect my universe and work.

:heart:/ Version FR

FAQ : Qu'est ce que O Ka-Fée ?

O Ka-Fée est le terme concernant mes peintures réalisées avec pour base de café. Il s'agit de la manière de peindre et d'obtenir des textures réalisées par le café. Dans un premier temps ce sont des projections de café dans lesquelles ensuite on injecte des pigments. (Poudres, colorex, aquarelle.)

Les textures réalisées par le café (plus ou moins sucré et selon la marque.) sont uniques, elles sont plus fortes et intéressantes que celles réalisées avec l'eau.

Le café est un médium complexe a maitriser, il est important de connaître ses réactions afin de les manipuler avec les pigments, on en apprend tous les jours de part ce médium.

O Ka-Fée concerne aussi mon univers et style graphique, ce sont souvent des peintures et univers libres, avec du mouvement et de la poésie.

Merci de respecter mon travail et univers.


More O Ka-Fée art :

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I really like the blending in this image; and how the sharp lines in the picture make it leap out at you despite all the subtle color blending but also integrate perfectly with the colors. The white light blending into important lines in the center also help make the image catch your eye.

I think the medium is pretty interesting too--I've never tried working with COFFEE.

The pose fits the page well and is interesting; although it wasn't immediately obvious to me what the pose was. I would suggest changing the position of the far arm so it appears to be clutching the precious object more desperately instead of clasping with the other hand calmly; this would also fix the slight tangent in tone between the head and the hand, going along the arm.

I gotta admit this is better than a lot of my stuff <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" title=":P (Lick)"/> but its easier to see mistakes in other people's artwork.

Great image Rubis; im gonna go stalk your profile and check out some more of your art now <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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beautiful art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply beautiful!
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If I may ask.... what kind of coffee do you use? Just plain ol' regular brewed coffee or instant type granules? Sorry if anyone has ever asked this before and you answered elsewhere! :meow:
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The blending on this is gorgeous....actually, i think I'll do a Critique :)
Super! J'adore le mouvement créé par le dragon et le café qui nous mène en tournant vers la lumière, le blanc. Malgré que ce mouvement puisse attiré notre oeil, il y a tellement de détails et de vie autour du dragon qu'on ne peut s'empêcher de les regarder aussi.
Bon travail!
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Merci beaucoup pour ton super commentaire ! Très apprécié ! :)
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Again, epic work! :-)
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Thankies ! sorry for late !
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I love to see your traditional work on this site, and have FAVED
a couple of yours. I will add you to my WATCH. I want to thank
you for adding Bottom Feeder to your artwork compendium.
It fits right in, don't you think. Again, THANKS!!<b>
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And thank you for adding my works and for your lovely comment ! :)
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beautiful palette! :clap:
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Thank you so much, sorry for late !
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you're very welcome! ;)
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If I ever have a child this will be framed in their nursery.
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Thank you so much, it's really appreciated. And sorry for late !
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I love your O Kaa-Fee art it really amazing.
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Thank you so much, sorry for late !
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coffee as in coffee colour or d beverage ?
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