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Carefree Smile Remake

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A little bit over a year ago I already drew Asch (or should I say Luke?) from the Tales of the Abyss Another Story Manga. After practicing a lot with my hair brush, I wanted to redraw this picture and see how much I improved in the meantime. The difference still is unbelieveable for me:wow: This coloring style and especially how the hair looks, that's something I have been wanting to archieve for so many years. It's a dream come true:love:

When I drew the new sketch, I already saw a lot of difference because my drawing style was still very stiff one year ago and I oriented myself a lot on the original drawing from the manga. Also I had no idea what face anatomy meantxD This time I drew the scene in my style and it felt a lot freer. I enjoyed to draw the hair moving in the wind so much:)

For this painting, I practiced shading skin and and experimented more with different colors. At first it wasn't easy to come up with fitting shading colors for the hair but I somehow managed it. In general the hair was the most work to do but also the most fun part:)

The background was really quickly made. I only used some gradients, textures and blured them. Paint Tool Sai 2's new options make a lot of things easier and quicker:)

I just can't help it but Asch looks like a little rascal in this picturexD

2018 version:

Original drawing is from the Another Story Manga
Asch © Namco Bandai
Painting by me
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