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Autumn Wallpaper

Used two of my favorites images: [link] from InterfaceLift and [link] from Deviant User LocoePoco.

Want me to merge the wood with one of your photos? send me a note. I will do it and post the image.
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Hi there. Nice work. Is there a possibility to post it in bigger resolution?
Could you please give us the link to the wood background?  

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Superb ! Thanks to share.
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I'd love to see this kind of presentation in reality, with parts of the pictures like differents canvas. It guite looks like a puzzle, and it reminds me the off-camera (i'm not sur about this translation, in french it's 'hors-champ').
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This is gorgeous! Wonderful job! Definitely using if I can :3
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This is brilliant. I like.
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Most impressive work! I love how you separated all of the images into the shapes and layout that you did. I also love the images that you chose for this, Very nice indeed! :aww::heart::blackrose:
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Great work !
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Nicely done. Would definately look great on a wall.
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I like like this much, cos it looks like many "random" pictures combined to make one, alltho i know it is one picture.

I would consider having those pieces on my wall!
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hmmm..... like this )
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This is really nice. Is that sunlight colouring the trees, or are the trees deciduous ones?

Regarding the actual construction, I think I may have figured out the basics of how to do it. I should try it for myself.
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This is incredible! Wow!
Do you do lessons in editing???
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It's fine and elegant.
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i use this wallpaper XD.... ¬¬ pineda XD
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oohhh tan lindo mi macias! :)
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marvellous :D

really,a very good work
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I like it a lot. I would tighten the crop on the left and right sides not to show so much of the gray wood background though. Keep up the good work
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