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Name: Haku

Pokemon: Kirlia
Gender: Male
Ability: Trace
Personality: He's pretty Grumpy around everybody and he doesn't care what people think of him, except i'f they think he's a girl. He hates being called female
Bio: He grew up with his mother. His father left his mother when he found out that she was having him. He hates Gallade's because of it he prefers to be a Gardevoir when he evolves. His mother did her best to raise him and be there for him as much as she could. She read him stories non stop ((Which is why he loves reading so much)). When Mareep Merchants came to town she gave him some money to get something for himself but when he came back home he found his mother bleeding to death. He tried to help her but he couldn't do anything, she told him to be strong and brave. He left home the same times the Mareep we're leaving and was able to get a ride to the nearest town. Once arriving he walked into Hiltrix who he didn't like at first but as time went on became his first friend.


Name: Hiltrix
Pokemon: Helioptile
Gender: Female
Ability: Dry Skin
Personality: Hiltrix doesn't really have any life aspirations, she is more 'go along for the ride' kind of Pokemon... 
She is optimistic and somewhat adventurous but isn't fussed about staying back either.
She has next to always looked on the brighter side of life.
Bio: Hiltrix was raised by a family of Krookadiles, Krokoroks and Sandiles. 5 to be exact. She never knew her true parents but that never bothered her. As soon as she was old enough she left her family, not for any specific reason she just felt like it was the right thing to do. Her family would hold a special place in her heart from then on. 
On her travels she came across A young male kirlia that wasn't too fond of her at the time. Thinking it was funny Hiltrix followed Haku around, mainly because she had no money at the time. Haku grew accustomed to Hiltrix's presence and eventually became Hiltrix's travel partner in research. Neither of them knew much about Researching, but both Hiltrix and Haku keen to give it all they've got.
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