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Name: Seiko
Pokemon: Lampent
Gender: Female
Ability: Infiltrator
Personality: Seiko could be happy one moment and then angry the next moment. She's cold around other pokemon but once you get to know her she has a light and happy attitude around them.
Bio: She has Amnesia and can't seem to recall any of her past. All she remembers is meeting Yasu who was willing to help her try and recall her memories. 

Name: Yasu
Pokemon: Shiny Pawniard
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus 
Personality: Yasu isn't good talking with other pokemon. 
Bio: She grew up with her mother and father. One day her mother fell ill and passed away leaving Yasu's father to take care of her. He tried his best and when Yasu was old enough she told her father that she wanted to be a hunter team. Her father didn't really like the idea of this but he wanted her to be happy so she packed her thing and left home. When she reached a forest she saw a faint light from a lampent. Yasu approached the lampent, She ask the lampent if it was lost but it told her that it didn't know. Yasu realized that the lampent had amnesia. She decided to help her try and recall her lost memories as well be in a Hunters Team.

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