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Enhanced Male Pack for SFM [DL] w/ GMOD Fix

By Rubez2525
Fixed males with some tweaks to make them closer to the female ponies quality. Basically, these include the improved male pony flexes by BeardedDoomGuy: [DL/SOUCRE] Improved male pony face flexes and improved shading (I believe it is Yukitoshii's V3 shading). Essentially, they have better and more facial controls and will not look like glass mannequins.

All the males including Soarin and Pokeypierce are included as well as the pegasus counterparts of Caramel, Dr. Whooves, and Noteworthy.

Update: Fixed a spiky tongue issue with the "eye_closer_left" and "r_stretch" flexes. I also included a .vta file with said fix.

GMOD fixed:

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Hi my name is Sparky it's very nice to meet you ^w^ i have a question i have my own Pony oc and I'm kinda new at animations and I'm trying to figure out how to add my pony oc into sfm and Garry's mod how do I do that? 😅

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is there a pony ik rig for males?
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I wouldn't know. If there is, you won't find them here.
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Clicked on all of the links and all say they do not exist ;w;
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Thanks for letting me know. Try them now. I think dA suddenly decided to be stupid for no reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I still seem to be having the issue D: any other method how the link can be sent? I mainly want the SFM files.
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Try them now again.
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Can you show me how to add these "Improved male flexes" To a model i have?
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Can I have permission to use the mane and tail from these models for a fallout 4 mod plugin? I'm trying to make a mane and tail addon for Crimes Against Nature.
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You would have to ask the original artist since I actually didn't model anything:… (I guess it's my mistake since I seem to have neglected to include that in the desc.)

I am 99% sure that he doesn't mind anyway.

Edit: Just checked his description and I guess even he didn't model them. So I guess you will have to go hunting if you really feel the need to ask permission. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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alright thanks for the info.
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Soarin's model is incapable of producing the "O" shape with his mouth.  I'm trying to lip sync something, and it's almost impossible without the "O" or "Oo" functionality on his lips.  Anything to be done?
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there's a tutorial for create a Enhanced OC model plz?
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Where download link is the SFM version?
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First link bro.
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I'm gonna have so much fun with thunderlane X3  he's a proud Mares Stallion [ ladies man for ponies ]
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i don't understand how i can put the hair and tail to of those charecters for a OC model, what the hell is the jigglebones?!
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They're really good.

Only one problem though: whenever I try and load Braeburn's model into my SFM, it crashes. I'm gonna reinstall it at some point and see what happens.
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I recommend to update the Pegasus with a new released spread wing bones from here :3…
will neon lights be made in the future?
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