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Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: At californa, OC no not the show but its as random lol, laguna nigel
Favourite genre of music: all kinds exept RAP XP
Favourite style of art: all kinds
Operating System: 300 gig and need to use it for art soon -.-;
MP3 player of choice: Sandisk
Skin of choice: vary furry with all kind of brown all around
Favourite cartoon character: Chocobo ^.^ And Eevee..yes,Pokemon is still kinda cool
Personal Quote: i do what i love to do, have a problum with that deal with it
yes i want to wish a happy valentines day to all and hope it goes very very well i am happy because my mother took me back into the house and ya i am so greatfull.....though i do owe her alot anyways again happy valentines day and my characture chart weeee -jared C aka ruben flonne

Name: Rubenflonne
Race: Demon incarnated as Human/Eevee
Strength – L Forbidden
Keen – VL Forbidden
P. Ability – L Forbidden
Endurance - VH Godlike 10/20
Reflex - VH Godlike
Cha - VH Godlike
Will - VH Godlike 5/20
Int - VH Godlike 5/20
Magic – 1000
Psi – 1000
Ki – 400
Psi - 400
Demonic Power
Multiple Races
Curse Eye
Cannot die but can suffer
See into foes' soul, predict future, telemetry/object read, etc.
Can sync with opponents' souls to destroy them
Take "images" and copies of souls to learn abilities and copy energy signatures
Dark Past
Classes: Demon Lord (15), Eevee (10), Red Mage (10), Martial Artist (10), Quicksilver Flame (2), Veneficium Secutor (10), Siprt Limbce (5), Thrash Ahmoqa (5), Dragon Thief (10), Witch (5), Paladin (5), Cyber-Samurai (10), Gui Long Kung Fu (10), Ghost (12), Gunmaster (12), Gunslinger (12), Monk (10), Mimic (10), Dancer (9), Chocobo Rider (10), Gravity Mage (6), Shadowdancer (10), Shade Mage (6), Black Mage (10), Dragon Emperor's Celestial Music (11), Elemental Blade Master: Lightning (11), Hiten Mitsurugi (11), Duelist (11), Gatotsu (11), Omni Ahmoqa Blado Randce (11), Dragoon (10), Crane School Master (10), Calculator (11), Beastmaster (12), )4 free classes
Catastrophe Spells
Shadow Dragon (independent shadow dragon that fuses with him to form an armor, missiles from the hand, chest beam)
Boss Forms
Dragon Tank
Guardian Bit
Gaia Gigas
Nobi (Immediately Post-DT)
Ikiru (Pre-DT)
Envy (Post-DT)
Daedrous (Immediately Post-DT)
Gluttony (Immediately Post-DT)
Frank Brown (Post-DT)
Rayzen (Immediately Post-DT)
Ultima 2
Tellah's Meteo
Steel Torrent (Steel Rain II)
Vicious Cycle (Vicious Circle II)
Warrior Century (Warrior Horde II)
Megalopolis (Metropolis II)
Teleportation (across dimensions, time, to any place she has been)
Teleport Objects
Elder Lightning (equivalent of Holy Brrzap)
Elder Flame (equivalent of Holy Meganuke)
Conjuration (conjure images from the imagination or from outside sources: television, art, etc.)
Barrier (powerful barrier that can be created at will, anti-demonic effect, defends against some spells and scrying)
Scrying (must have a crystal, a focus such as a strand of hair or similar, and a map of where the target is expected to be)
Potion Creation (costless, the person can create slaying potions to kill the supernatural or a variety of potions)
Warming Love (practically costless, creates warmth for healing functions only: heating food, curing
Cooling Love (practically costless, inverse of Warming Love
Sorcerous Freezing (stop all the objects in a room, some things are immune to it)
Sorcerous Blasting (cause an explosion inside an object mystically)
Pearl Blade (a holy creation of pure energy of the type the character has the most of)
Time Control (freeze time, save, speed time, slow time)
Power Access (can access abilities, power, etc. temporarily from willing Crashing Heavens donors)
Grand Stone
Grand Stone Shield
Crying Heavens
Dreamless Shield
Chaos Gate
Gate of Destruction
Evil Moon
Grand Stone 2
Dreamless 2
Grand Stone Shield 2
Dreamless 2
Shadow Doom Blaze 2
Chaos Gate 2
Spell 2
Evil Moon 2
Gate of Destruction 2
Martial Arts
Feign Death (Tech)
Fortress Penetration Kata
One Mind Kata
Warrior Spirit Kata
Five Principles Kata
Windmill Kata
[5 Weapon Katas
Blind Man's Katas
Chi Ball Kata
Chi Defense Kata
Dragon Line Kata
Mending Chi Kata
Ying-Yang Kata
Healing Atemi
Neural Atemi
Blood Flow Atemi
Withering Flesh Atemi
Dim Mak
Open Hand Atemi
Grasping Hand Atemi
Enlightenment Atemi (cures possession or mind control)
Blindness Atemi
Chi Block Atemi
Tien Hsueh Amnesia
Finger-Snap Tien Hsueh (throws off balance)
Puppet Dance Tien Hsueh
Long-Distance Dim Mak
Chi Awareness
Chi Relaxation
Chi Healing
Chi Combat
Eight Horse Stomp
Light Body Climbing
Sword Chi Technique
Shift Internal Organs
Vital Harmony
Kaijutsu (kiais)
Discorporate Zenjoriki
Calm Minds Zenjoriki
Mind Walk Zenjoriki
Two Minds Zenjoriki (mystic martial arts ability that splits the person into their Hun and Po, their intellectual and their instinctual minds respectively)
Spirit Burst Zenjoriki
Body Chi/Kokyu (boost attributes)
Hardened Chi (barrier)
Soft Chi (strike bonus or dodge bonus)
Find Weakness (Chi)
Fist Gesture (Negative Chi)
One Finger Chi (Negative Chi)
Dark Chi (Negative Chi)
Art of Mystic Invisibility (cloud minds)
Radiate Positive Chi
Heal the Mind
Chi Weight Control
Chi Overcharge
Fill Object with Chi
Divert Incoming Chi
Control Negative Chi/Negative Chi Polarity
Inflict Negative Chi Illness
Ki Barrier
Ki Flight
Informed Fist Giant Punch
Informed Fist Giant Kick
Informed Fist Giant Throw
Informed Fist Kata
Informed Fist Lock
Informed Fist Atemi (controls each pressure-point to affect the next)
Informed Fist Mudra
Informed Fist Art of Invisibility
Informed Fist Gun Assault
Informed Fist Positive Ki Technique
Informed Fist Negative Ki Technique
Informed Fist Zenjoriki
Forbidden 2
Time Power Curl (grabs foe, pushes them back through time, tosses them into demonic forces in past to consume soul)
Ancestral Rewind (battoujutsu, strikes back in time so it can be used to strike absolutely first, strikes multiple times using time altering)
Fureon (Eevee rage form)
Holy Bolt IV
Young Babylon (summon)
Dimension Slash III (Laharl)
Chaos Control IV
Evil Moon III
Baptism of Flame (passive, deforges enemies and forges allies)
Sickle Moon Mist (Alucard F2, poison, the mist is a negative blood field that inflicts effective anemia/hemophilia, launch horrible kinetic attacks)
Repair IV
Hatemonger (Momo F2, feed off of rage of battle)
Genocide Prominence (
Seven Sins III
Aspiration of Blood (channel the dark evil that created Dracula, kills him afterwards)
Ryusei the Demi Blade (permanent form of Rubenflonne's natural demon powers)
Goemon's Sword
Laharl's Sword
Jeff's Gun
Multi-Bottle Rockets
Hell Forge
Hell Hammer
Chaos Emerald
Time, fire, ice/wind/water, earth, white, lighting, shadow Crystals
Goemon Training (Lupin the III)
Hector Training (Hell Forger from Castlevania)
Laharl (Disgaea)
Shadow (Sonic)
Mamo Training (Lupin the III Movie)
Seedle Training
Control Revulsion
Dam Sum Sing
Demon Digestion
Double Edge Doctrine
Expanding Gum Diet
Flux Striking
Fury and Fright Doctrine
Gravity Training
Hallucination Training
Impossibilty Training
Iron Hand
Irfry Poker Blade
Joint Hardening
Kangeiko/Shochu Geiko
Laughing Pain
Life Stone
Lotus Pillar
Low Oxygen
Neck Beefing
Running the Gauntlet
Sensory Deprivation
Shochu Geiko
Stroboscopic Combat Practice
Weightlessness Training
Yoke Training
Sword Ki
Gun Ki
Falling Technique
Nobi Absorption
Ikiru's Absorption
Daedrous' Absorption
Frank Brown Absorption
Rayzen Absorption
Gluttony Absorption
Envy Absorption
Three Ruben Spawn
Demon Hordes
Two Bits
Ruben Spawn

done by my best friend its copywrited so don't steal any ideas or else


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