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LeopardInspirat XP

LeopardInspirat XP By Rubenernesto
With original leopard Scrollbar

2 skins for Windowblinds
1 Skin for Styler
Background 2D and 3D for Object dock
Leopard indicator 2D and 3D for Object dock
Leopard non reflective icons By Me
Leopard Original Reflective icons By me
Wallpaper shown in this screen capture

Than you
Apple computers (
Kol (
© 2008 - 2022 Rubenernesto
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excelente Trabajo. esto se puede hacer con Win7?

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Can you please tell me how to install this?
Ahm, I am really sorry and dont't think I am a fool or something but I really do not know how to insall this whole skin.
I downloaded WindowBlinds and there is no problem adopting those 2 skins but how do I install the Dock, all these icons
I am really sorry, but Iwould really appriciate if someone could write a readme.txt and post it or post a link to it.
I am a kind of a noob in this stuff so I would really appriciatethat

Thanks in advace
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dude, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, awsome skin. I'm currently using it :) But.. i have one question, how did you get the green/yellow and red close minimize and maximize buttons in iTunes?? :O
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¿ Las barras de desplazamiento en las Mac con Leopard siguen siendo tipo Tiger ?

Buen trabajo.
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son aqua (tiger) son las originales de leopard (sin la funcionalidad) porque el mac original las heredó así. creo que incluso sigue siendo así con Snow Leopard. a lo mejor andas buscando algo como esto:
es sólo una beta. me falta poco para terminarlo ^^ y de hecho, está hecho en gran medida en base a este mismo skin, pero no es el mismo (Y)
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Incredible work ! It's like a real Mac, but on XP :D My pc is not really powerful to do something like this, but wow, awesome and big work ^^
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how do you change the volume icon ?
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Great! "MasterSkin"
I hate Mac OS and all that is connected with it!
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I'm almost finished editing the theme, I won't submit to DA without your permission, but I can't find this image anywhere in the folder


it's the menubar. i've edited the rebars but that one isn't blended. how do i find it?
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Hey, are you accepting bug reports or feature requests? I'd like to make a couple of suggestions, if you're open.
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This is the Leopard theme I've been waiting months for. Thank you very much!
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This is super cool, awesome, thanks :Love:
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