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You and I will always be back then

By rubendevela
There’s no better time to smooch than in the lull of a kaiju battle, in the shadow of GOLB!

The lyrics of the finale song gave me a tiny existential crisis. Even two immortals cannot stay together forever due to the nature of the universe. But just because something is temporary on the scales of cosmic chaos doesn't mean it isn't important!

Edit: Marcy was a bit off-scale in the original upload. I made her a bit taller in this new version.

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This is really really great!

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this is amazing its inspiring me to get out of my artblock

ive been looking at this for 5 mins now

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I love these too soo much, it's just oddly adorable to me. Idk but I can say I enjoy this image very much. Also I feel this song works for it.…
I guess
DeathofInk's avatar, I'm here to destroy your could at least acknowledge I'm here.

*PB & Marceline continue to makeout*

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Gosh darn it that's gay
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also amazing work btw
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gosh diddly darn this is cute
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This is absolutely amazing omg!!
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A beautiful and moving artwork. Very well done!
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This is beautiful!
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I like the carvings you made for bubblegum's outfit. She's a fashion disaster in that episode but I liked the ending either way. 
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Thanks! I imagine it as ultra-hard cherry candy!
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fucking sodomy Luffy Anime Emoji (Puking) [V5] 
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Come along with me
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To a place under a tree
Good GOLB this is gorgeous! From the shading, the detail on Bonnie's armor, and the rubble around them, to the Cake in the background, and GOLB's uncaring presence in the sky above. And most of all the expression on Bonnibel and Marceline as they embrace, knowing that this may well be the last moment that they share together. You've captured it all exquisitely!
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Glad you caught all those! Thanks!
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