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Ungoliant and Melkor

By rubendevela
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Edit, 2014: Uh so apparently Peter Jackson liked this old painting of Ungoliant well enough, that it will be included on the dvd/bluray of the behind the scenes release for The Hobbit 2! 0_0

This redone version with slightly adjusted lighting will appear in the mini-documentary about Ungoliant, Shelob, and the other spider monsters from the lore!

Ungoliant and Melkor/Morgoth contesting ultimate power

Edit: Added bristly spider hair and adjusted the shading.
related work: Dragon of the First Age by rubendevela
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The biggest NOPE in Tolkien's Universe!
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Out of context this looks like the one spider the dragonborn couldn't kill. And now it's back for revenge.
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I know right? Much of the modern fantasy works owes a LOT to Tolkien after all...

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He was one of The Great First Ones.

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now this is a giant f*ck off spider
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This would give Pennywise a massive erection.
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Seen this across the web....
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We're going to need a bigger boot for this. Though I always saw Ungliant as much, much bigger than Morgoth at this point. Even more so than here.

But this is still awesome.
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We're gonna need one big dang can of RAID for this one.
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Ungoliant really needs to lay off the Doritos and Mountain Dew!
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I've always pictured Ungoliant and Melkior being roughly the same size....
Well, I guess she got bigger after she fed...
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Bloody hell that thing looks epic, I wonder if anyone would go on a quest to kill that thing.
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Freddy's Nope Chat Icon Chica's Nope Door Chat Icon Spongebob Nope Icon 12th Doctor Nope Fredbear Nope (Emoticon) Icon - Nope 
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We're gonna need a big can of Raid.
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great work you deserve to be recognize.
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Looking like this after eating the Trees no ?
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Wow, Peter Jackson actually liked it? I'm so impressed!
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By the way, what video is your picture featured in? And is it the theatrical or extended version?
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The DVD extras of the director's cut, I believe? I'm not too sure, since I don't own a copy myself :P
Bauglir100's avatar
BTW, what video is it mentioned in? And is it in the theatrical or extended edition? Because I have both.
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I'm not sure, it's the mini documentary about the spiders XD
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I see. By the way, do you have any plans to do more Tolkien characters? Because I have a few ideas for characters you could do pictures for. Like Tevildo, Prince of Cats or Fankil (Melkor's lieutenant before Sauron). You can read about them in Christopher Tolkien's "History of Middle-earth" series.
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