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Rachel, Ivy and Jenks

Designed for black and white, so it will remain this way :)
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This is fantastic!!
You show the realationship between the three really great!
Love this pic!
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I love this series and I love this depiction of their relationship. I've read the first 3 books then listened to the first 5 on Audible while I was at work. Think I'm going to make time to actually read the 6th one. I don't like the narrator they chose for that book. So many good scenes. It was hard not to walk around with a huge smile on my face.
The worst part is books around 6 or so start to drag. It gets much better later but without spoiling there are 2-3 books in there that I really only read the books because I missed my Jenks/Ivy.
anjARTS's avatar
Rachel's facial expression is adorable ^^ And Ivy looks sooo hot! Very nice picture :)
P.S.: I love Jenks..♥
sakurakomatushi's avatar
cool drawing
love the details of the clothes
sideadde's avatar
There hasn't been a new comment on this picture in ages. I'm sad to see it's the only one you've done. I love it. It's hard to find "good" Ravy art!
aidenke's avatar
Gorgeous work in the outfits and detail here!
CirnoFan's avatar
I love how detailed this is. It's wonderful!
Minachan-the-Neko's avatar
Nyeeeaaah! Minachan has just recently reading the 9 books that are out right now and fell in love with the books! Mina lurvs this picture!
Okay, THAT is how I picture both Rachel and Ivy.
Very, very nice; Rachel's expression, Ivy's aggressiveness (and sexiness).

Love it.
Rebeccas-Sketchbook's avatar
Cool! One of the best pics I've seen of them :clap:
Zoilus's avatar
Teehee... Jenks. X) Methinks Rachel's boobies are too big. Cute, though. =]
WolfsbanesEgo's avatar
I like the hint of a blush on Rachel's face, like she's enjoying it but SO uncomfortable. I think you really captured her relationship with Ivy...though Ivy isn't that bold (anymore) which is sad.
marblemicros's avatar
Perfect! :D I LOVE this! I've been searching for a decent picture of them, and I found it! Thank you!
rubendevela's avatar
Thanks! Glad to have helped in your search :D
mumei-mugei's avatar
I think Jenks should be a little taller, otherwise props for the Kim Harrison fan art.
Kodachiku's avatar
Great job on this! I love Jenks doing his crazy little tricks over there.
GoddessOfLight08's avatar
Omg I LOVE this! *instant fave* Job well done ;-)
SilverWolfDimitrix's avatar
Wow awesome Kim Harrison fan art! ;) The books are awesome! how many have you read? I still have two I need to read. ^_^;;
I love the interaction, it's very Rachel/Ivy in the beginning. (obviously because Ivy has her long hair. :) )
And little Jenks!! <3
Littlest-Elder-God's avatar
I'm only on the beginning of the second book but I love the series so far. My mom and younger sister love the books, and told me I had to read them.
Still, nice picture. I admire anyone who can make a good black and white picture.
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