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Peridot from Steven Universe! I like how her design could have walked out off a Megaman franchise.
I have a feeling she isn't ACTUALLY evil, just a bureaucrat whose STUFF KEEPS GETTING EXPLODED!!!! 

I had no idea what the pic would look like finished, with a cartoony face but with lots of glowy effects

Space bg's thanks to the Hubble

And here's more where this came from!
A Pearl + Peridot Fusion by rubendevela An Amethyst + Peridot fusion by rubendevela A Garnet + Peridot Fusion by rubendevela
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this reminds me of that one part in Doctor Strange, where he magically experimented on an apple. This is pretty awesome!


peridot: kill me pls

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Awesome, just love it
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From some of the comments I’m guessing it’s fine to use this as long as you credit? :,0
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A frustrated Mountain Dew bottle turned rebel clod. I enjoy this character quite a bit. And this art is fantastic. The atmosphere was lovingly created. Well done.
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Holy shit this is gorgeous. Your use of shading and highlighting is geometrically pleasing. It looks straight out of a professional graphic video game. Do you have a tumblr? 
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Ah, thanks! Yes, I do have a tumblr!
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Cool scene and take on her!
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This piece is so delicately detailed I absolutely love it.
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And then all your predictions in the comments came true. Must feel great~
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Nice to see that Homeworld gems have skype.
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I am simultaneously in awe at the awesomeness of this picture and in stitches at the Jasper on that screen.
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The new episodes have proved that she isn't actually evil. In fact, she's my favorite character :3
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one of my top favorite fanarts of Peridot i cryin g at ths omh this is epic manPeridog Peridot~Durr... Peridot~Durr... Peridot~Durr... 
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Hey I hope you don't mind, but I used this in a Soundcloud post. I linked back here from the description.
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Wow you drawing make job it win!🏆
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