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Inspector Gadget

By rubendevela
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Go, Gadget, go!

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So in this version, Claw won, took over the world, and Gadget has become V.
I would love to see your version of Brain
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i love this! you did such a great job! only if they reboot IG (again) in this style with a dark twist. ;)
cam-and-sister-paint's avatar
Yea that would be awesome
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I wish that they made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 styled continuity reboot of Inspector Gadget.
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"This world is like a pile of brown bricks..."
Are you the original author? It's been cropped.
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Yup, and I'm not surprised lol
This image has been all over the internet over the years. Where did you spot it?
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Liking this vision on the series better Giggle 
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I think I remember seeing this on Uncylopedia years ago.
beacause everything is more awsome in grimdark
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This is Awesome
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"Go go gadjeto coup d'poing dans ta gueule >:"
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Anyone else thinks Inspector Gadget here reminds them of Nick Valentine from fallout 4?
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this would be awesome show 
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Oh, my. This is beautifully, breathlessly amazing!
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I want this to be a series
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I think this still looks awesome today.
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Dude.... awesome work
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Is everyone :) (Smile) Exiting For Inspector Gadget CGI (2015 Reboot) this year :happybounce:
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awesome! look my arts account!
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Holy crap this is intense and awesome!
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