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Dragon of the First Age

By rubendevela
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Ancalagon, the greatest dragon created by Morgoth, faces Eärendil in his flying ship at the beginning of a day-long aerial battle that will end the War of Wrath.

I tried very different techniques from the Ungoliant picture. I'm actually worried that I might have depicted Ancalagon too small! He's supposed to have destroyed a mountain range when he crashed from the sky...

related work: Ungoliant and Melkor by rubendevela
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I'm guessing,yes. He loved dragons as a child,I hear(and it's the same for me,I've always loved dragons).

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my god... imponent... colossal...
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Boy I've seen this everywhere across the web....
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Now that is a True Mighty Drake of old!
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(seeing Ancalagon's corpse)

Me: Holy crap Earendil?! You killed it?! How?!

Earendil: Wait, didn't anyone see?

Me: No, everyone just saw your ship fly up into those thick storm clouds and the monster followed you and you were both gone for a whole day. We could hear explosions and roars from way up in the sky, but other than that we didn't see anything until that thing came crashing back down.  

Earendil: So you're telling me that I just won the most amazing and epic battle in recorded history, but nobody else actually saw it because of some stupid clouds?

Me: Can you at least describe what happened?

Earendil: (A tear rolls down his cheek and he has a look of despair) It was too awesome for words.
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love the big entry!
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This is an epic depiction of Ancalagon! When I tried (for myself) making a size relation of Ancalagon, I made his length to be the height of an average mountain on earth (about 12,674'). Your Ancalagon's body height looks to be GREATER than the 35,000' tall peaks! Might I say, my goodness he's huge!

Are those more normal sized dragons Smaug sized (book or movie)?
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Wow, I can't even begin to describe how badass that looks.
These can though. -> Animation md Wow 1 Wander Emote: WOW THATS AMAZING WOW :BombingEscape: .
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That is one epic dragon, no way this dragon should be small. You did good work
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this dragon is so cool but man this dragon biger mountain how cool i naver heart of this dragon i heart he com from the lord of the rings but in a story befor the lord of the rings and befor the hobbit but i like this dragon
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I love all the art you do on The silmarillion stuff
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he'd make an excellent Kaiju.
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the scale of this fucker is unbelievable 
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Saw this on Ebay, not sure if permission was given or not, just thought I would bring it to your attention.…
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No Permission. 
Yikes, what should I do? All of these mats are probably ganked art, too!
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Even though you're worried you made Ancalagon too small, you still painted a good picture of how MASSIVE he really is. Nice! 
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I think this is one of the few images that properly depicted how big he really was, tho I would say Ancalagon is even bigger. Amazing work!
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