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Dragon Wallpaper

Completely digital, no scanning at all... I was just playing with my (then new) digital pen, and I accidentally finished this picture, with funky use of textures (no visible tiling!!!). This is one of the reddest pics I've ever done (and there are quite a few of them).. By the way, this guy is a 12' tall anthropomorphic dragon with pyrokinesis, not any normal dragon (if those things exist).
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THAT IS VERY AWESOME! :D can not wait to put it on the screen. :D
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Hahaha just like Furcik, I had this as my wallpaper waaayyy back in middle school :D (Big Grin) I found this by chance and I still love it!
rubendevela's avatar
That takes me back!
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I just finished my second year of college yet now when I see this dragon, I can see middle school me hahaha You're artwork is amazing by the way!
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I remember having this as my wallpaper years ago, when I was very young. It was one of my favourite wallpapers at the time, and now, when I accidentally found it again, so many memories of my childhood came back... ^^
WOOOW!!!! Looking cool :D!
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Hey, just letting you know but someone reposted this as theirs.…
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Omg finally found the original artist of this drawing!  Did you ever do any more art of this guy!  He is so cute!
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Sombody traced your work. This reminds me of somebody I know.
exist they do certainly
it kinda looks like me have we ever met?
if ya keep drawin like this you accomplish lot^.=.^
sorry for bad language still learning
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i really love this drawing, it reminded me of the story am writing same pose same everything like the character !!!
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i love to be him right now btw best deskop ever
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Someone traced your work
rubendevela's avatar
They admitted it was traced, though.
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That's realy nice...
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hey when i was wacthing how to do something on youtube the guy had this s his wallpaper XD
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looks like drago, from bakugan
Vampire-Bat365's avatar
This dragon is.....
AMAZING!!! Whoever you are you really outdid yourself (:

Whatever that means :lol: lol

Um, this is well drawn, great details, etc. I'm stunned! Although I suck and everything looks amazing, but this... this is too good for words. 8D
I really like the background, too!
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This dragon rules! He looks so confident and ready to fight!
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