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Celestia vs Nightmare Moon


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"She vowed she would shroud the land in eternal night. And so, the elder sister engaged her in low orbit surrounded by beam spam and too many missiles."

After converting the mane cast into robots [link] , this was pretty much inevitable. It was supposed to be a quick speedpaint but it got a bit out of hand...

For these two, I had the chance to make something larger and more powerful looking than the first 6. Then I realized that they're a pair of WINGed UNICORNs, so if you're fluent in mecha you might see a few ham-fisted visual puns!

I basically pumped JAM Project into my ears until this was done. An alternate soundtrack could also be Lamb of God's "Blacken the Cursed Sun". Part of the credit/blame goes to :iconbatangbatugan: for brainstorming and egging me on. :XD:

The first picture is here [link]

Okay, that's that! THAT'S THE LAST ONE!! Please! I want to use my abilities for good and not for lols! Hahaha

Shadowbolt: "IT'S CELES---*"
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