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Santa Claws :iconrubberkatuk:RubberKatUK 14 6
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Dare :iconrubberkatuk:RubberKatUK 19 3
The Case of the Missing Suit
It was raining, a dark, damp afternoon in north London, and in a bedroom in a flat someone was unhappy.
"For goodness sake!" Sarah shouted to the cat sat on her window sill as she rifled through boxes. She was flinging rubber clothing onto her bed from containers strewn around her bedroom. "It's missing... It's missing..." she grumbled flinging more clothes over her shoulder. She had only just moved house a couple of days ago, going upmarket a bit due to some fortune from previous cases she'd solved, moving into Marylbone seemed like the thing to do. However something had got lost in the move.
Sarah flopped backwards onto the bed sending piles of latex clothes flopping onto the floor. 
"I'm annoyed kitty, my new suit has disappeared in the move" she lamented with a sigh.
Meanwhile in a back street top floor flat in Soho a girl sat with a box on her lap. She was an average sort of girl, she had an average length black bob haircut with a fringe, she stood not taller th
:iconrubberkatuk:RubberKatUK 26 3
Mature content
Showtime :iconrubberkatuk:RubberKatUK 20 1
Flat tyre
WARNING: Contains UK English words and inflation/inflatable fantasy scenarios. 
"Why? Why, why why..." I thought as my car rumbled to a stop in a lay-by. Here I was on my way to a particularly interesting party, when I get a flat tyre. I got out of the car and looked at the tyres. It was nearly sunset, the sun was a brilliant orange colour. 
"Oh for f..." I mumbled to myself as I looked at the drivers side back tyre. It was quite obviously flat. Looked around the tyre and there was nothing obviously wrong. I pulled open the boot of the car and started taking out all the junk looking for the spare, a horrible space saver tyre. I flung various bits of detritus out of the boot and onto the road, the odd jumper, the 12 volt tyre compressor, and found the spare. 
I tried the tyre pump first, nothing, not a sausage, that would mean changing it for the spare. I was going to get hot, I'd already put on my outfit for the party. I tugged at the latex costume under
:iconrubberkatuk:RubberKatUK 38 6
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Mature content
The Case of the London Blimp Advertising Company :iconrubberkatuk:RubberKatUK 11 1
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Bounce - The Game Show :iconrubberkatuk:RubberKatUK 29 3


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Julie sauntered through the doors of the Christmas Shop like she owned the place. She blew through the aisles of the shop, past Christmas trees, tinsel, massive air blown inflatables in the shape of snowmen, santa, reindeer, past a balloon counter and into the back room of the store.

"Morning" she said jauntily to Christie, the manager. Christie was sitting on the staff room sofa looking worst for wear. "Oh boy... Christmas party... Ugh" she croaked, and chugged a glass of water, followed by a couple of headache tablets.

She looked up at Julie, who was looking not so much worse for wear, but more perfect than ever. Her blonde hair fell straight to just above her shoulders, a tight polo shirt stretched across her chest, making  the "Christmas Store" logo, a jolly round Santa with "Ho Ho Ho" in a speech bubble, look more rotund than ever. She was wearing leggings, pulled up to her slender waist, pulled tightly across her ample backside. You could look up the definition of hourglass in the dictionary and you'd see a picture of her.

Christie sighed wearily. "You're on the rota for mascot duty today. Terri is sick." and then pointed to the cupboard of mascot costumes. "Pick one".

Julie went into the cupboard, and started poking at the boxes of costumes laid on the shelves. First stop was a snowman suit. "Nope. Too round and puffy" She ran her fingers along the boxes before something caught her eye. It was a box covered in dust, unopened, it had obviously been there for many years. She pulled it out, blew off the dust, coughed and looked at the picture on the front of the package. "Mrs Claus Costume" she mumbled to herself, the picture was of someone not quite unlike herself, the costume looked to be a short skater skirt, tights, tight top, and hat. "Christie" she said loudly "What's this Mrs Claus Costume? Can I wear that?"

"Yeah fine. Whatever, been here for years, nobody's ever worn it." said Christie nursing her head a bit more. "Hurry up, we open in 15 minutes". 

Julie opened the package to reveal that the entire ensemble was a single outfit based around a full body suit. It was covered in powder and smelled not quite unlike a balloon. She shook the box and a packet marked "Shine" dropped on the floor.

She shut the door to the cupboard, removed her own clothes and unzipped shoulders of the suit. It felt warm and soft to the touch, she liked the sensation as it slipped over her skin, tightly sticking to her curves. Her arms and legs in fully, she zipped up easily. She peered into the mirror, the dustiness of the suit did nothing to hide the fact it looked tight, and felt amazing, the skirt was hemmed with white frills, as was the neck and the end of the arms.

She squirted some of the shine from the packet and ran her hands all over herself, just as she was finishing, she ran her hand down the right arm and over the frills, just tucked inside the frill was what felt like a rubber tube.

She looked at it curiously, clamped her lips around it and blew. With the sound of a balloon inflating, her chest pumped outwards a small amount. She blew again into the valve, her chest expanded slightly as did her hips, just enough to feel the outer layer of the suit pulling away from her skin. She blew a couple more times, her hips now about 4 inches wider, her bust now 2 cups larger. She folded the valve into the frills, popped the hat on her head, and went into the store.

Christie was taken aback at the vision in front of her, a bold rubbery vision of Mrs Claus with inflated breasts and a wide butt. "Holy cow, well I guess that'll bring in the customers." she exclaimed.

"It's inflatable" Julie whispered to Christie, and pointed to the valve on her wrist.

"Alright, well, come with me." Christie led Julie by the arm back through the store and to the balloon counter, thinking about the party she'd been at.

"What are you gonna do?" Julie said tentatively.

"Well, you want to get the customers in right? What better way to get them in than a busty Mrs Claus?". Quickly Christie attached the hose from the balloon tank to Julie's arm, and press down on the trigger. Quickly Julies breasts expanded, going from her DD cup to an F in 2 seconds flat. Her hips started to bulge out widely, her butt expanding like two beachballs. Finally Christie stopped. Julie's assets were massively inflated, she waddled slightly at the pressure against her legs and hips, the suit an exaggerated hourglass, the skirt laying flat now on the wide hips of the costume, the waist still unaffected.

"I can't see my feet!" she exclaimed looking down and only seeing an expanse of rubber. The costume felt tight, the pressure pressing against her skin all over, sending tingles down her spine. She let out a slightly audible moan.

"Julie..." Christie said slightly more seriously now. "About the party last night... I saw you."

"Saw me?" she replied slightly taken aback.

"Yes.." Christie replied, pulling on the trigger again. "I saw you... Kissing someone".

Julies costume let out an audible creak and a ping as something gave way. The waist suddenly bulged out giving her a bit of an inflated belly. Still the helium from the tank kept rushing in.

"Kissing... Josh" Christie said with a huge amount of seriousness on her face.

"It was only under the mistletoe. I don't even remember, I was drunk! Please stop. Don't inflate me too much!" she replied. However her breathing was racing, the pressure in the suit started to make it go rounder, and rounder, her boobs and bottom smoothed out into what was rapidly becoming a sphere, her arms and legs disappearing slowly into the inflating costume. "I... I... I'm sorry" she wailed as the pressure grew, slowly her feet started to lift off the floor. Dragging the hose with her, she lifted slowly off of the ground, only her hands, head and feet now appeared out of the spherical suit.

Christie turned off the helium. "All done" she grinned slightly crazily, she tugged at the hose, and it fell off, leaving Julie bumping against the ceiling.

"What are you going to do to me now? Get me down!" she yelped.

"Ah no, you've humiliated me, it's time for some payback." Christie tied a strong bit of cord around Julie's foot, pulled her down from the ceiling and led her outside to the car park. She tied Christie's chord up to a railing and let go. Julie bumped on the end of the rope as she reached full height. Slowly she span around, and bumped gently into another balloon.

"Hi..." said the other balloon in a deep voice. 

"Oh, Hi Josh" said Julie. Blushing.
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March0sias Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
You still stock those suits up to 6xl?
RubberKatUK Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
no sorry
VeeKitty Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Hi there, RubberKat! It's been awhile since I've seen anything new so I just wanted to stop by and wish you well just in case! If you ran out of ideas, you could always try adding in a bit more fantasy to it in some variety! Classical fantasy, steampunk and such!
DrInflator Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Love your stories, I too am a clothing inflation lover and a few partially done stories in the works.  

A couple of my stories are at Gromet's Plaza (Wedding Night in Rubbersuits and Jennifer's Toy).  I would love to put them on here but there sexual content clause may interfere. I will let you know when I upload the new stories here.

Jennifer's Toy is on the bodyinflation website though.  I may put up Wedding Night...Also.

There isn't enough clothing Inflation stories on the net. My stories are all ci with rubber suits, like yours.

Alas, I am not a drawer so my stories go undrawn of it's character's. 

Keep 'em coming RubberKatUK...can't wait for your next!!!!

RubberKatUK Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Problem I have is there only so many scenarios you can have with inflating clothing! I'm running out of ideas.
DrInflator Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
I have am able to forsee a lot of everyday happenings in inflatable clothing scenarios.  Just the other day I was in the grocery store line and the lady in front was hot thin sexy girl. I then thought she to be an executive's sexy secretary.  Now I have thought of a story scenario I came up with in a matter of hours.  It's to be called "The Executive Assistant".  I hope to put to paper soon.

How do you submit stories here?  Do you have to put it into STAash?

I also dream a lot of inflatable clothing scenes too.  I am very warped LOL.

I am very creative in my writing.  But I have about 20-30 partially done that I need to finish.  I really need to get these done and out here and over the internet.

I love your Detective stories... You need to write more but hard if writer's block.  Maybe case of the Missing Rubber suit with the ending finding it inflated with some unlucky girl who was puzzled by and wanted to try it but the suit blew up too fast when she was trying it and she got trapped in a skylight atrium or whatever.  Also as it blew up the attached hood had a built in inflatable gag silencing her.

Have you ever read my IC stories at Gromet's Plaza...maybe some new ideas as I also get into the bondage scenarios of Inflatable rubber suits.

Good to chat, sorry for delay replying,
RubberKatUK Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just finished that missing suit story.
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RubberKatUK Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the idea. I may run with that one.

I usually write them in stash. I've got 3 in there that need finishing.
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