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Shining Debut

By rubberfrills
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Character  Barbara
I commissioned it from the always wonderful and incredibly skilled elisabetlis.
Fun fact: she told me she wants to try doing commissions here on dA. Not sure when that'll happen, I told her to set the prices at $35 or more per figure. Could also help her out with ideas for the transformation process (she still prefers to have help, especially with more complicated stuff like inanimate).

* * *

A rare toy from Fontaine? This Mondstadt denizen never expected it to work like that! And what's with the outfit? He had never seen Barbara-sama wear clothing this tight and shiny!
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Nice to see a sequence with a more petite girl. Most of them seem to be extra thicc, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but variety is alway nice.

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Amazing, the art style is so similar to Love Live. Feel a mighty need for more of this, I do.

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Yep, Cute Barbara <3

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