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As Pretty as a Picture

Commission for :iconbouncymischa:

A balloon TF with some TG thrown in. Reduced to a picture on a latex toy, Mischa now floats, waiting for his... her... its new owner.
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And the balloon expands and contracts some to her breathing?

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please tell me she will be freed if then balloon pops

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I hope, it's a bit creepy otherwise >_>

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what would you do if you found a balloon with that written on it?

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Take it home duh

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can it be on me
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To be honest, That's how I'd want to go.

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That'd be how I'd want to leave this mortal coil, I.e. die.

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And thats make you horny?
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Yeah too bro sorry I dont wanted to be mean...I wish i could be "normal".
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A lovely piece! You drew the bubbles/balloon amazingly and you paid very special attention to details (the speech bubble especially was super clever).
A+ work, the reason why I found you and love everything else you so.
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Probably one of my favorites of yours in recent memory! Her being squeezed into her forever-image before being trapped on a balloon, any onlooker gullible enough to believe that was actually a transformed person having whatever assorted emotions or humiliating a girl that never truly existed beyond latex.

Your methods of conveying dimension—or the lack thereof—in a 2D drawing are simply amazing, and the finished product's texturing is also great! Nice work~
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While the art is a bit weak I do have to agree, it's one of my best pictures/ideas period. I'm the guy with good ideas and hmm execution.
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Art weak? Hmm execution? I'mma smack you haha
I'm commenting on this because it combines the best of two fetishes, Balloon and TG.
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I think this is one of my favorite TF's.  Not just one of my favorite subjects/victims, but I love the way it starts with a bubble, the way it emphasizes them being trapped, the how they end up printed on the balloon, their expression, but especially the way their speech balloons get incorporated into the transformation. 

The balloon isn't for sale is it?
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