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Geographical map of the mythical lost continent of Mu, based on sunken continent of Zealandia. The brown central mountain range corresponds to New Zealand.
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More inventive than just inserting a landmass in the middle of no geological record whatsoever.

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This map is a lot more geographically accurate than the other maps of Mu.
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This is really awesome!
Most Polynesians will live in Mu?
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Funny how despite Mu and Lemuria being mere theories meant to explain cultural and biological phenomena in their respective areas, there were actually two continents in the same oceans as the mythical ones.

In the Indian Ocean there's a plateau the name of which I forget right now, and in the Pacific there's Zealandia. So there actually are 'lost' continents in the Pacific and Indian oceans.
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Yeah, Zealandia's a proper continent - the map probably shows it's maximum extent.

The plateau in the Indian Ocean you're thinking off could be the Kerguelen Plateau, which I used for my Lemuria map, or the Mascarene Plateau off the coast of Africa, which arches round from the Seychelles to Mauritius.
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It would be the Kerguelen Plateau. I think only Atlantis doesn't have a real continent in the same ocean where it was supposed to be. Though Thera seems like it was the real Atlantis, but where's the fun in that for fantasy and science fiction, am I right? :D
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They have evidence that the Azores and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge did rise above sea level, possibly from of a slow moving "wave of molten rock" that caused the underwater mountain range to rise thousands of of feet for a few million years. In that time, it had rivers, valleys, flora, and fauna, along with evidence that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions caused it to sink to the ocean floor. 
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Exactly :D

Unfortunately the Kerguelen Plateau's too far south for lemurs to actually live there though!

I've heard that Thera might've been the inspiration for Atlantis as well but it's a bit small to be a lost 'continent', hence I used the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as the base for my Atlantis.
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Well Thera together with the rest of the Minoan Empire could together count as Atlantis. It'd be big enough and it was a very advanced civilization for its time and Knossos and Thera, two of its main cities, were destroyed all at once by Thera's eruption. But you're right it's too small for fictional purposes.
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just a little tidbit of info here, but Atlantis was said to have disappeared about 12,000 years ago. That would have been about 10,000 BC. That's about when the Ice Age is said to have ended. And of course, when there's more ice, the sea level is lower. Logic dictates that at the very least, the Azores Islands had to have been substantially bigger during the Ice Age, and that could possibly have been Atlantis.
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My understanding is that there's quite a bit of discrepancy and disagreement over how long ago Plato's "Atantis" actually existed.  Something to do with difficulty translating from an Egyptian number system to a Greek one, even up to a difference in a order of magnitude.  I don't have the information in front of me, but I'd be happy to look for it.
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Sorry, again. I forgot about the Zealandia thing. I guess Mu and Lemuria really are seperate!
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Ah, that's gorgeous - took me a while to spot NZ :]
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