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Alternate Ottoman Partition

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Published: December 22, 2009
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A map showing part of the Middle East roughly 20 years after an alternate (and harsher) parition of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I. Rather than just Britain and France grabbing territories, Italy, Greece and Russia also get chunks of the former Empire either through direct annexation (Italy) or Council of Nations (League of Nations equivalent) mandates (Russia, France, Britain) or both (Greece). In addition, the Turkish Straits and Suez Canal are internationalised, with Smyrna (Izmir) becoming a Free City due to disagreements between Greece and Italy. By the time this map is set, Russia is recovering from its civil war and looking to reassert its influence over its former possessions - Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia (western Amernia was a Russian CoN mandate, while the rest had been annexed to Russia during the 19th century).
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HeildirimseigerkranzHobbyist Digital Artist
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Incoming butthurt Turks.
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Pontian Greeks always fight for Greece
Trebizond is Greek !
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PointlessIsHereHobbyist Digital Artist
Trabzon is Turkish.
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I bet the Turks must be upset at the situation they have. Reduced to the Anatolian Plateau and a coasts on the Black and Mediterranean.  :(  
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Interesting map... But is that, like some asked, a map of an uchronic world, in the case of the death of Ataturk during the 1WW?
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rubberduck3y6Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. It's quite a few years ago that I made this map now, but I agree that Atatürk being killed during WW1 and Turks subsequently losing the Turkish War of Independence is a likely scenario that could lead to the situation in the map.
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I bet my Ata has died in Gallipoli according to this scenerio.
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You're welcome! Thx for your answer! :) 
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I suppose this is a scenario where Ataturk dies in WWI, causing the turks to lose the War of Turkish Independence.
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But first you have to find out whether Atatuük is involved in WWI, if not, it will be this.
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pretty sure he was stationed in Gallipoli at a fairly crucial moment
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What is the language of the Taurus Republic? Greek? Kurdish? Armenian? Or is it just a second Turkey?

And what would be the official language of the Aegean Region of Italy? Italian? Or Greek?
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rubberduck3y6Hobbyist Digital Artist
The languages of the Taurus Republic are Turkish, Kurdish and French with Armenian and Turkmen as minority languages. Basically the French mandate was split between the Arab (Syria) and non-Arab (Taurus Republic) areas.

Italy's Aegean Region is an integral part of Italy and as such Italian is the official language. Greek and Turkish are also spoken. The region is an expansion of the pre-WW1 Italian Dodecanese.
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I hope you are aware that this map is not entirely "alternate." It is actually quite similar to the Treaty of Sevres, in which large portions of Turkey proper were annexed by Armenia, Greece, and independent Kurdistan, while Britain, Italy, and France carved out large chunks of spheres of influences. Alright, your map is more severe in that the Italian zone is annexed instead of being a zone of influence, and that Kurdistan and Cilicia are actual protectorates instead of zones of influence, but it is still awfully similar.

However, in our world, Ataturk successfully rallied the shattered Ottoman Army into driving out the invading Greeks, who were rivals with the Italians. This failure caused France to drop support of a renewed campaign, and Britain couldn't do anything alone, so they signed the Treaty of Lausanne instead which granted Turkey its current borders except for the Hatay region.
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What's the difference between a colony, a protectorate, and a CoN mandate?
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It was never entirely consistent historically and had different meanings and applications and different times.
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Well, colony is a dependent territory with basicly no independent economy. A protectorate is a colony with some rights. And a mandate is basicly an artificial country.
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A protectorate was sometimes an independent country with it's own economy albiet small and often unindustrialized that depended on another power for protection as well.

Eg Oman, Butan, Napal and others at one time or another.
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bolter21Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will the levant offer free immigration to Jews just like in our timeline? I guess that if so, it would be again splited to Palestine proper, Transjordan and now also Sinai Peninsula.
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revinchristianhatolStudent General Artist
Romania would have grabbed the northern portion of Anatolia bordering the Straits Zone and Pontus, blocking Turkey's access to the Black Sea. The same goes down south when the British Cypriots tried to reach the mainland and succeeded, blocking Turkey's access to the Mediterranean Sea.
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revinchristianhatolStudent General Artist
That portion in the north will be called "Pontic Romania (România Pontică)".
That portion in the south will be called "West Taurus".

PROOF: revinchristianhatol.deviantart…
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I like these Armenian borders :)
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