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And by woke I literally mean that I feel amazingly awake. Last last night I went to bed at 10:00pm, woke up 4 times in the night, and consequently had 4 separate dreams. I don't remember any of the dreams, but what really matters is that I got that sweet sweet REM sleep that I lacked for a week.

Ok, so basically school has started since 2 weeks ago, and I'm suddenly realizing that I'm a lot more busy than I thought I would be. But!! It's a good busy!! My self-esteem is fine; I'm just constantly tired.

Basically, my daily schedule is:
7:00am: "drink" breakfast, walk to school
8:30-10ish: Morning class
10-12ish: brunch OR go to the tutoring center for homework help (lately I've been skipping brunch in favor of tutoring, which probably isn't good)
12-4: more classes
4:20ish: dinner
and after dinner I can choose to walk home and do homework or go to the school library and do homework

It's really tough because for literally Mon-Thurs I don't have time to eat lunch unless I snack on something. Breakfast is usually a quick dietary fiber drink which isn't very filling. So yeah! Currently I eat one decent meal per day on the weekdays yaaaaay

But other than homework, I also suddenly have the social life that I've dreamed of in middle/high school and it's pretty overwhelming. I mean, the amount of people I now text with is probably a normal amount to you, but I'm not used to associating with more than 6 people at a time. For the most part, I don't initiate conversations anymore, and since I'm still absolutely horrible at responding, sometimes I open my phone and suddenly:

PNG image-A199B0E782AC-1 by Rubberbird

So yeah! This is what's up with my life. I'm really trying to get my life together for a brighter future and whatever, but I really can't guarantee a regular activity on here. I'm considering to post on Saturdays (and possibly Sundays, but that's like a 50% chance) and when I do post, the drawings will probably be fresh (finished drawings will be posted immediately),,,, but,,,,, like,,,,,, I haven't decided when I should reply to stuff/post comments Sweating a little... Saturdays are legit my breaks from socializing so I don't talk to anyone for half the day, I don't touch my phone, and I don't respond to text messages (except if they are from my mom because she gets offended if I ignore her ((which is reasonable)))
I know it sounds really extreme and you're probably getting neurotic vibes from me but please understand that transitioning from a small weak baby into some form of independent adult is not easy on my nerves! I'm a hardcore diehard tryhardTM, which basically means that I take everything way too seriously -- I try to do things the right way and I try to do things throughly, and if I do stuff incorrectly then I obsess over it, AND if I don't know how to do the thing I stress even more :'D woe is me and etc. etc.

The other thing is that if I try to talk to people in general when I'm tired I may get snippy and my humor shrivels up into something dry and crusty (I'll definitely try this because I do need to learn how to get along with people, but if I sound aggressive this is probably why)

Yep yep! So that's all for now! Now I'm going to retract into that weird semi-hiatus that non-art college majors go through : D

Peace out!


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Foothepanda Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh also! Did you ever get a Discord account?
Rubberbird Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
In the end, nope! I already have a difficult time keeping in touch with people her and in real life, so maintaining a discord is definitely not feasible for me right now
Foothepanda Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Aww, pobrecito :(
Rubberbird Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sí, sana sana
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