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Hi folks!  :-)

Please may any of you help me out a bit. I can't offer you any sort of payment, but I really want to know what you think and if you could give me some helpful hints and advice.

Basically, I'm planning to write a fanfic that is inspired by Kenkou Cross's Monster Girl Encyclopaedia and the Mangas 12 Beast and Daily Life of a Monster Girl. It is still in the 'development' phase but the plot basically involves a young man named Mamoru traveling around the world dealing with various conflicts (usually between humans and yokai) and he ends up having (much to his embarrassment) a harem of 15 monster girls. And most of the monster only situations involve just monster girls and Mamoru must get 'intimate' with them in order to bring peace to an area, which in turn causes his harem to get jealous and have their way with him.

Here is a list of what I have so far:
1. Mamoru Tsukiya, human and the main protagonist. He lost his biological family in a freak event at the age of 6 and has been raised by an inari couple in the monster world.
2. Yume Alaba, succubus. Set to originally be an enemy but then switching sides upon falling in love with Mamoru. (Name might be changed). Part of the harem.
3. Otome Shirohebi, lamia. No description yet, but her first name means 'maiden' and her last name is based on the lamia variant in MGE. Part of the harem.
4. Mikuri Taurosus, holstaurus. No description yet. Her first name means 'milky' (as you might have guessed) and her last name is based on the word Taurus. Part of the harem.
5. A scylla. Her last name is Aoikai (literally meaning 'blue ocean'). Part of the harem.
6. An unnamed harpy. No description yet. Was thinking of giving her black feathers and naming her around that. Part of the harem.
7. Ai Manayumi, a cupid. No description yet. Insipered by a fan made MGE entry by a brilliant guy named Safnar. Naturally, her name roughly translates to ' love love-bow'. Part of the harem.
8. Natsumi Midori, alraune.  No description yet. Her first name translates as  'summer beauty'  and her last name translates as  'verdant' or 'green'. Part of the harem.
9. Kimizumi Ryuuko, Jabberwock. No description yet. As her name roughly translates to 'superior dragon' she will have a haughty demeanour, unless she is being intimate with Mamoru then she will be all cute and lovey-dovey. Part of the harem.
10. Harumi Usagi, wererabbit. No description yet. Her first name means 'spring beauty' and her last name means 'hare/rabbit' (obviously). Part of the harem.
11. Izanami, sandworm. No description or last name yet. Part of the harem.
12. Unnamed selkie. Might swap her for a mermaid/merrow but will ultimately keep her as part of the story one way or the other. Part of the harem.
13. Unnamed chimaera. Based on the original variant, but I'm gonna swap out all bar the snake part. I'm swapping lion for jinko, goat for unicorn and dragon for salamander. To begin with, she will have a multiple personality disorder like all chimaeras but then (thanks to Mamoru) all four personalities will merge into one. Part of the harem.
14. Three undecided monster girls. I have some ideas (such as a queen slime, a centaur, an oni, an arachne/jurougumo, a dullahan, a nekomata, an elemental, an oomukade, a mandragora and a valkyrie) but I would like to hear your suggestions. Part of the harem.
1. Goro Atushi, human and one of 5 key antagonists. Mamoru's young brother who got stuck in the future and has returned to the present as a 30 year old, bitter, twisted, monster hating, evil man. His first name means '5th son' (because he is, it goes from oldest to youngest as follows: Mamoru, 1st sister, triplet brothers, 2nd sister then Goro) and is pronounced as 'GORE-oh' instead of being pronounced as 'GO-roo' while his last name means 'industrious' reflecting the fact that he forged a MECHA empire complete with hi tech gadgets, futuristic vehicles and giant killer robots, etc.
2. Goro's unnamed 2nd in command. Set to be a female human who is in love with Goro but her feelings for him are unrequited, though she does find happiness in the end.
3. Unnamed, evil monster woman. She seeks world domination but does not care if the humans are killed or enslaved. She is probably going to be somethng like a vampire or a succubus.
4. Orochi, the antihuman faction's 2nd in command. Originally appearing as a deformed and wacky human with a pet giant snake always wrapped around his waist, he is actually a mutated amphisbaena and he also possesses a sharp, devious and calculating mind.
5. The Syn-Dicate of Absolute Pleasure. An evil organisation lead by 5 humans, 5 monsters and a mysterious entity that serve as a dark version of the heroes. While they are not too keen on coexistence, each member willingly works together to achieve their goal. Oddly enough, their preferred method of how to achieve this is the same strategy in MGE (convert the land through intercourse, only the world will be blanketed in evil not darkness). Full member list not known, but 2 of the monsters are a male werewolf named Romulus Cain and an unnamed female wight (often referred to as the 'Wight Lady') who then leaves and is replaced by Orochi's boss.
1. Koji and Kirin Tsukiya, the inari couple who adopted Mamoru. They were also good friends with his biological family and believe in coexistence. Koji is a chef at the local restaurant while Kirin is a housewife. They also have a daughter by the name of Kasumi.
2. Kasumi Tsukiya, inari. She is two years younger than Mamoru an even though she is 16, she still likes to act childish around him. Despite not being part of the harem, Kasumi is none the less in love with Mamoru and gladly blurs the line between 'brother and sister' and 'husband and wife'.
3. Indrajit, a weretiger and one of Mamoru's childhood friends. Full description not yet known, but he is to be tragically killed by Romulus at some point halfway in the story.

My apologies for how long this is but I needed to ensure that you knew everything about my fanfic so far. As I said before, any tips, advice and suggestions would be most appreciated. And yes I know that I have given myself a lot to work with but I really want to do it. :-)  So please reply and also, is it possible to upload fanfics? If so please tell me. I hope to hear from you guys! :-)


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