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August 15, 2020
Gotta Catch them .... Ew :v by Ruanmingren
Featured by BloodyWing
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Gotta Catch them .... Ew :v


I'm not sure i can catch that :v 

I make landscape story every month in my patreon too

if you like it you can support me here every month to have more high-res landscape story every month:

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Hacker exposed, wild Dynamax Regice on overworld!

The title, little pokemon in the background, and your way of telling your story through the dialog and ui make me smile. I'm guessing the trainer didn't like Regice being only lvl 70 while their pokemon was lvl 100. I love the colossus feel of coming to a boss.

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I don't get it, why "ew"?

And why's the trainer swearing? what's the problem?

EvilMariobot's avatar

I think he meant "Oooooh" like, in a sustained long U sound. (took me a minute to catch on to that myself)

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yayaa that right :D

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its hard to appreciate this image due to its tiny size (400x739 with no zooming option)

the text cannot even be read (does the trainer says "po"?)

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I love the addition of the little guys on the cliffside! xD

Trainer attempted to flee! Couldn't escape.

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yahhh ... you right

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I love the sense of scale in this. Also, major Nerd-on rn. xD

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Ya very welcome! :D

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Wonderful work!! :clap: !!!

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XD love the text. I really adore how the UI is placed and the theme of the whole piece great job!

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Why am I getting Shadow of the Colossus vibes off this? If the future games were like this, I'd be like "Well......that happened😨😱."
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